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A mix of polished pop/rock and neo-soul made Maroon 5 one of the most popular bands of the new millennium, with songs like "This Love," "She Will Be Loved," and "Makes Me Wonder" all topping the charts worldwide. Previously, bandmates Adam Levine (vocals/guitar), Jesse Carmichael (keyboards), Mickey Madden (bass), and Ryan Dusick (drums) had spent the latter half of the '90s playing in Kara's Flowers, even releasing a debut album for Reprise Records while still attending high school. The record tanked, however, and Kara's Flowers found themselves dropped from Reprise's roster. After briefly attending college, the bandmates regrouped as Maroon 5, adding former Square guitarist James Valentine to the lineup and embracing a more R&B-influenced sound. Several years later, the quintet had officially risen to the forefront of pop music with Songs About Jane and It Won't Be Soon Before Long, both of which went multi-platinum.

Songs About Jane propelled the band into the mainstream, but the album was not an immediate hit. Octone Records had signed the newly christened Maroon 5 in 2001, and the debut album Jane received a lukewarm response upon its release in June 2002. "Harder to Breathe" became a radio staple 17 months later and was soon followed by the omnipresent "This Love," whose steamy video (featuring frontman Levine and a barely clothed girlfriend) wooed the TV-watching crowds at MTV. Songs About Jane finally entered the Billboard Top Ten in August 2004, more than two years after the album's release, and follow-up singles like "She Will Be Loved" and "Sunday Morning" helped the album move over 2.7 million copies by year's end.

Maroon 5 toured exhaustively in support of Jane's slow-burning success, issuing two stopgap recordings -- 2004's 1.22.03.Acoustic and 2005's Live Friday the 13th -- while traveling the world alongside the likes of the Rolling Stones and John Mayer. Their schedule was especially trying on percussionist Dusick, who sustained wrist and shoulder injuries and was often unable to play. By fall 2006, Dusick had been officially replaced by Matt Flynn (the former drummer for Gavin DeGraw), and the revised band released its sophomore effort in May 2007. It Won't Be Soon Before Long proved to be less popular than its predecessor (which had sold more than four million copies in the U.S. alone), but it still enjoyed double-platinum certification while spinning off the chart-topping single "Makes Me Wonder." Maroon 5 had cemented their status as pop/rock heavyweights, and they now had the connections to prove it. Released in late 2008, Call and Response: The Remix Album reinterpreted the band's catalog with remixes by influential producers like Mary J. Blige, Mark Ronson, and Pharrell Williams.

Between 2008 and 2010, the band worked with a different producer -- veteran rock/country architect Robert John "Mutt" Lange -- on a third studio album, Hands All Over, which was released in September 2010. Although it was kept from the top of the album charts, it went platinum. Also, the following year, it received a big boost when Levine began appearing as a judge on the NBC reality television talent competition The Voice. That same year, Hands All Over was re-released with the single "Moves Like Jagger," featuring Levine's The Voice co-judge Christina Aguilera; the single promptly hit the top of the charts. In 2012, Carmichael revealed that he was taking time off from performing with Maroon 5 and would be replaced by touring keyboardist PJ Morton.

In April of 2012, the band teased the release of its fourth studio album with "Payphone," a single featuring Wiz Khalifa that hit number two. The resulting album, Overexposed, also reached number two, featuring production from a bevy of name producers including Ryan Tedder, Max Martin, Benny Blanco, and more. A second single from the album, the reggae-tinged "One More Night," topped the charts not long after its release in June, and stayed at the top long enough to become the band's most successful showing to date. Two further singles also reached the Top Ten, "Daylight" and "Love Somebody."

During 2013, Levine continued to appear on The Voice, and also made appearances in the television drama American Horror Story, as well as the music-based dramatic film Begin Again. The band also hit the studio to record songs for a fifth studio album, aptly titled V, which saw keyboardist Jesse Carmichael return to the fold after a brief hiatus. Released in September 2014, V debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 chart and produced several Top Ten singles including "Maps," "Animals," and "Sugar." Two more singles followed in 2015 with "This Summer's Gonna Hurt Like a Motherf*****" and "Feelings." Also in 2015, Maroon 5 released their first hits collection, The Singles. The single "Don't Wanna Know," featuring rapper Kendrick Lamar, appeared in 2016 and peaked at number nine on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. It was later revealed to be the first single from their forthcoming sixth LP. A second collaborative single, "Cold," featuring Future, was released in early 2017, with "What Lovers Do" appearing before the November release of Red Pill Blues. In 2018 the band issued a remix of Red Pill Blues' "Girls You Like," featuring an appearance by Cardi B, which wound up being their first single to reach number one on the Billboard charts since 2012's "One More Night."

In September 2018, Maroon 5 was selected to headline the Superbowl LIII halftime show on February 3, 2019. ~ Andrew Leahey, Rovi
Genres: pop

Guitar Chords:

Animals (ver. 2)
As Things Collide
Back At Your Door
Back At Your Door (ver. 2)
Beautiful Goodbye
Beautiful Goodbye (ver. 2)
Beautiful Goodbye (ver. 3)
Beautiful Goodbye (ver. 4)
Beautiful Goodbye (ver. 5)
Best 4 U
Best 4 U (ver. 2)
Bet My Heart
Better That We Break
Better That We Break (ver. 2)
Better That We Break (ver. 3)
Better That We Break (ver. 4)
Chilly Winter
Christmas Cheer
Cold (ver. 2)
Cold (ver. 3)
Cold (ver. 4)
Come Away To The Water
Coming Back For You
Daylight (ver. 2)
Daylight (ver. 3)
Daylight (ver. 4)
Daylight (ver. 5)
Daylight (ver. 6)
Daylight (ver. 7)
Daylight (ver. 8)
Daylight (ver. 9)
Daylightlove Somebodythis Love Mash-Up
Denim Jacket
Denim Jacket (ver. 2)
Denim Jacket (ver. 3)
Doin Dirt
Doin Dirt (ver. 2)
Dont Know Nothing
Dont Wanna Know
Dont Wanna Know (ver. 2)
Dont Wanna Know (ver. 3)
Earth To Move
Fortune Teller
Get Back In My Life
Girls Like You
Girls Like You (ver. 2)
Girls Like You (ver. 3)
Girls Like You (ver. 4)
Give A Little More
Goodnight Goodnight
Hands All Over
Happy Originally By Pharrell
Harder To Breathe
Harder To Breathe (ver. 2)
Harder To Breathe (ver. 3)
Harder To Breathe (ver. 4)
Harder To Breathe (ver. 5)
Help Me Out
Help Me Out (ver. 2)
How (ver. 2)
How (ver. 3)
How (ver. 4)
How (ver. 5)
I Cant Lie
If I Aint Got
If I Aint Got You
If I Aint Got You (ver. 2)
If I Aint Got You (ver. 3)
If I Fell Acoustic
If You Only Knew
Infatuation (ver. 2)
Infatuation (ver. 3)
In Your Pocket
In Your Pocket (ver. 2)
Is Anybody Out There
It Was Always You
It Was Always You (ver. 2)
It Was Always You (ver. 3)
It Was Always You (ver. 4)
I Wont Go Home Without You
I Wont Go Home Without You (ver. 2)
I Wont Go Home Without You (ver. 3)
I Wont Go Home Without You (ver. 4)
Just A Feeling
Just A Feeling (ver. 2)
Just A Feeling (ver. 3)
Just A Feeling (ver. 4)
Just A Feeling (ver. 5)
Just A Feeling (ver. 6)
Last Chance
Leaving California
Leaving California (ver. 2)
Lets Stay Together
Lips On You
Little Of Your Time
Little Of Your Time (ver. 2)
Losing My Mind
Losing My Mind (ver. 2)
Lost Stars
Lost Stars (ver. 2)
Love Somebody
Love Somebody (ver. 2)
Love Somebody (ver. 3)
Love Somebody (ver. 4)
Lucky Strike
Lucky Strike (ver. 2)
Lucky Strike (ver. 3)
Makes Me Wonder
Makes Me Wonder (ver. 2)
Makes Me Wonder (ver. 3)
Makes Me Wonder (ver. 4)
Makes Me Wonder (ver. 5)
Makes Me Wonder (ver. 6)
Maps (ver. 2)
Maps (ver. 3)
Maps (ver. 4)
Maps (ver. 5)
Maps (ver. 6)
Maps (ver. 7)
Misery (ver. 2)
Misery (ver. 3)
Misery (ver. 4)
Misery (ver. 5)
Misery (ver. 6)
Misery (ver. 7)
Miss You Love You
Moves Like Jagger
Moves Like Jagger (ver. 2)
Moves Like Jagger (ver. 3)
Must Get Out
Must Get Out (ver. 2)
My Heart Is Open
My Heart Is Open (ver. 2)
Never Gonna Leave This Bed
Never Gonna Leave This Bed (ver. 2)
Never Gonna Leave This Bed (ver. 3)
Never Gonna Leave This Bed (ver. 4)
New Love
No Curtain Call
No Curtain Call (ver. 2)
Not Falling Apart
Nothing Last Forever
Nothing Lasts Forever
Nothing Lasts Forever (ver. 2)
Nothing Lasts Forever (ver. 3)
Nothing Lasts Forever (ver. 4)
One More Night
One More Night (ver. 2)
One More Night (ver. 3)
One More Night (ver. 4)
One More Night (ver. 5)
One More Night (ver. 6)
One More Night (ver. 7)
One More Night (ver. 8)
Out Of Goodbyes
Out Of Goodbyes (ver. 2)
Out Of Goodbyes (ver. 3)
Out Of Goodbyes (ver. 4)
Payphone (ver. 2)
Payphone (ver. 3)
Payphone (ver. 4)
Payphone (ver. 5)
Payphone (ver. 6)
Payphone (ver. 7)
Payphone (ver. 8)
Payphone (ver. 9)
Plastic Rose
Plastic Rose (ver. 2)
Plastic Rose (ver. 3)
Sad (ver. 2)
Sad (ver. 3)
Sad (ver. 4)
Secret (ver. 2)
Sex And Candy
Sex And Candy (ver. 2)
She Will Be Loved
She Will Be Loved (ver. 2)
She Will Be Loved (ver. 3)
She Will Be Loved (ver. 4)
She Will Be Loved (ver. 5)
Shoot Love
Shoot Love (ver. 2)
Stereo Hearts
Story (ver. 2)
Sugar (ver. 2)
Sugar (ver. 3)
Sugar (ver. 4)
Sugar (ver. 5)
Sugar (ver. 6)
Sugar (ver. 7)
Sugar (ver. 8)
Sunday Morning
Sunday Morning (ver. 2)
Sunday Morning (ver. 3)
Sunday Morning (ver. 4)
Sunday Morning (ver. 5)
Sunday Morning (ver. 6)
Sunday Morning (ver. 7)
Sweetest Goodbye
Sweetest Goodbye (ver. 2)
Sweetest Goodbye (ver. 3)
Take What You Want
The Air That I Breathe
The Air That I Breathe (ver. 2)
The Man Who Never Lied
The Man Who Never Lied (ver. 2)
The Sun
The Sun (ver. 2)
The Sun (ver. 3)
The Way I Was
The Way I Was (ver. 2)
This Love
This Love (ver. 2)
This Love (ver. 3)
This Love (ver. 4)
This Love (ver. 5)
This Love (ver. 6)
This Summers Gonna Hurt
This Summers Gonna Hurt (ver. 2)
This Summers Gonna Hurt Like A Motherfucker
This Summers Gonna Hurt Like A Motherfucker (ver. 2)
Through With You
To Her With Love
Unkiss Me
Visions (ver. 2)
Wait (ver. 2)
Wait (ver. 3)
Wake Up Call
Wasted Years
What Lovers Do
What Lovers Do (ver. 2)
What Lovers Do (ver. 3)
Who I Am
Who I Am (ver. 2)
Wipe Your Eyes
Wipe Your Eyes (ver. 2)
Wipe Your Yes
Wont Go Home Without You
Wont Go Home Without You (ver. 2)
Wont Go Home Without You (ver. 3)
Wont Go Home Without You (ver. 4)
Wont Go Home Without You (ver. 5)