Hugh Laurie - Mystery Guitar Chords

Chords: C, F, E, Am, G
"Mystery" – Hugh Laurie

Intro (Riff): C, F, E, 

F       G               C
All my life has been a mystery 
 F         G                 C
You and I were never ever meant to be 
 F            G                       C
That's why I call my love for you a mystery 

Different country 
 F                     G                      C
You and I have always lived in a different country 
 F                            G                C   
And I know that airline tickets don't grow on a tree 
 F                G                     C
So what kept us apart is plain for me to see 
 F                                   C
That much at least is not really a mystery 
F           G                 C     
I live in a houseboat on an estuary 
 F                      G               C
Which is handy for my work with the Port Authority 
F                        G             C 
But I know you would have found it insanitary 
C       Am   C      Am 
Insanitary… Insanitary… 

Hate me
F                  G             C 
I'd be foolish to ignore the possibility 
 F                          G                     C
That if we'd ever actually met, you might have hated me 
F                           G              C 
Still, thats not the only problem that I can see 

Dead since 1993 
F               G                                C 
You've been dead now . . . wait a minute, let me see 
F                   G        C      
Fourteen years come next January 
F           G                C   
As a human being you are history 

F                       G
So why do why I still long for you? 
 C                   Am
Why is my love so strong for you? 
F                       G 
Why did I write this song for you? 
Well, I guess it's just a mystery 
C        Am 

Ending: C, Am x2

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