Houkago Tea Time - Ui Guitar Chords

Chords: A, E, Esus4, Em, D, F#, F#m, C#, C#m, Bm, F, Fm, G
"U&I" by Houkago Tea Time (After School Tea Time) from K-ON!
                                      1     5          4    6      3   2
This song is in A major. Chords used: A A7* E Esus4 Em D F# F#m C# C#m Bm F Fm G   

Intro: A E F#m D E
       A E F#m D E
       A   D  A

Verse 1:

A                    D        E
KIMI ga inai to nani mo dekinai yo 

A                        D       E
KIMI no gohan ga tabetai yo 

A                           D              E
moshi KIMI ga kaette kitara tobikkiri no egao de 

D     E    A
dakitsuku yo

     D    E      A         F#m
KIMI ga inai to ayamarenai yo 

  D         C#     F#m  A
KIMI no koe ga kikitai yo 

     D    E     A     F#     
KIMI no egao ga mirereba 

  Bm       D  Esus4  E    
sore dake de iinda yo  


      A             E          
KIMI ga soba ni iru dakede 

   F#m         Em    A  
itsumo yuuki moratteta 

     D             A
itsumade demo isshoni itai 

  Bm                  D    E
kono kimochi wo tsutaetai yo 

     A               E     Fm    
hare no hi ni mo ame no hi mo 

     F#m            G    A
KIMI wa soba ni ite kureta 

   D                A     F#m
me wo tojireba KIMI no egao 

  Bm  E   A

A E F#m D E
A E F#m D E
A    D   E

Verse 2:

A                    D        E 
KIMI ga inai to nani mo wakaranai yo 

A                          D      E
satou to shouyu wa doko dakke? 

A                           D           E
moshi KIMI ga kaette kitara bikkuri saseyou to 

D      E     A 
omotta no ni na 

     D     E         A     F#m
KIMI ni tsui tsui amaechau yo 

  D         C#      F#m   A
KIMI ga yasashi sugiru kara 

     D    E       A    F#
KIMI ni moratte bakari de

  Bm       D     Esus4 E
nani mo ageraretenai yo 

     A              E
KIMI ga soba ni iru koto wo 

    F#m       Em   A
atarimae ni omotteta 

   D             A
konna hibi ga zutto zutto 

  Bm              D     E
tsuzukunda to omotteta yo 

    A           E    Fm
GOMEN ima wa kizuita yo 

   F#m          G     A
atarimae ja nai koto ni
     D               A     F#m
mazu wa KIMI ni tsutaenakucha 

Bm    E    A   
"Arigatou" wo 

Guitar Solo:

D E C#m F#m  
Bm C#m D E

D E C#m F#
D E F  Esus4 E


     A              E
KIMI no mune ni todoku kana? 

    F#m           Em   A7*    *I think Mugi and Mio do an A7* 
ima wa jishin nai keredo 

    D           A
warawanai de douka kiite 

  Bm                  D  E
omoi wo uta ni kometa kara 

  A              E  Fm
arittake no "Arigatou" 

    F#m           G   A
uta ni nosete todoketai 

     D          A      F#m
kono kimochi wa zutto zutto 

Bm     E  A
wasurenai yo 

 D   E      A
omoi yo todoke

A E F#m D E
A E F#m D E (Repeat w/ harmony)

This song has really great chords. The Lyrics written by Yui Hirasawa for her sister Ui. Probably composed by
Mugi-chan. I love this song, And I love K-ON! <3

English Lyrics:

If you're not around  I can't do anything 
I long for the taste of  your cooking 
So  when you get back home 
I'm gonna glomp you  with a great big smile

If you're not around  I can't take it anymore 
I long for the sound of  your voice 
Just being able to see you smile  that would mean everything to me

Simply being by my side  you've always given me the courage 
I wanna be with you  forever and a day 
I wanna tell you  that this is how I feel

Whether under the sun  or under the rain 
You were always there  when I needed you 
Whenever I close my eyes  I could see your smile  shining brightly

If you're not around  I don't know what to do 
Where's the sugar and soy sauce? 
And I was hoping that  I could surprise you 
When you come home

I think I've been spoiled too much 
Because you're too good to me 
You gave me so many things that  I can't even get to pay you back

All the while I took your existence for granted 
And I thought that we would always, always be together 
As days go by

I'm sorry  only now that I realized 
That it really isn't the case

So to start things off  I have to tell you these two words 
"Thank you"

Will they go straight to your heart? 
I'm not so sure of myself right now but 
Don't laugh, okay? Please listen to me 
'Cause I'm gonna put all my feelings  into this song

I would like to give you  every ounce of my gratitude 
And send it to you  through this song 
This is a feeling  I will never, ever forget  

Dedicated to U.

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