Hooton Tennis Club - Jasper Guitar Chords

Hooton Tennis Club

alt-indie rock

Chords: D, A, Asus2, E, B
Basically the same progression the entire song. Apart from the verse, playing Asus2 - A - Asus2 at the end 
of the A sounds pretty good.

D      A Asus2 A Asus2     E     B    x2

           D                  A
We lost a great, great man today,
        E                    B
But outside is just another Wednesday.
             D                A
I'm sick of people passing me by,
            E                            B
How come we can't all stick around too long?
       D                  A
And a long time for yourself
           E                      B
Can be a short time for everyone else.
          D                    A
So we'll just have to wait and see
         E             B
If this feeling is overdue,

           D    A    E   B  
Is it true? 
                      D  A  E  B
I can't believe it's true.

           D              A
"Well, I'm just a stupid boy!"
        E                      B
Yeah, that's what he'd always say.
           D                    A
We'd go to galleries once in a while,
             E                              B
And stand around and look at paintings all day.
            D                  A
There was a Matisse that I liked,
             E              B
There was a Turner that he loved.
           D                            A
We had it printed and he put it in his living room,
           E                    B
It looked great.

                 D  A  E  B
Yeah, it looks great!
              D A E B
For goodness sake.


D       A Asus2 A Asus2      E     B     x6


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