Hootie & the Blowfish - Im Going Home Guitar Chords

Hootie & the Blowfish

mellow gold, neo mellow, pop rock, post-grunge

Chords: F#m, D, E, B, A
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From: vetters@vax1.elon.edu (Steve Vetter)
Subject: CRD: I'm Going home _ hootie & the blowfish

Hootie played at Elon last night and this is what I
have been able to figure out from watching the show.
I was pretty far back, since those damn Carolina
students shoved their way to the front in our gym!

I'm Going Home - Hootie & the Blowfish
tabbed by Steve Vetter [vetters@vax1.elon.edu]

In concert, Hootie started the song with "Motherless 
Child" - Song 12 on the CD...

Chords: 	E 	022100
 		B 	799877  I don't know why they didn't
		A 	577655  play these as 'open' chords.
		A*	02220  This is the one in the chorus
		F#m	422444
		D	xx0232

Intro:  E  B  A			

E                  B
Momma please don't go
A                       E
Won't you stay here for one more day

I've been you boy for so long now
There's so much I have to say
Scareb's open and I held my heart in my hand
Like a soldier on his very last day
Cried myself to sleep at night
And I listened as I heard the angels say Sha la la

[the chords in the chorus may be wrong, please
 advise if they are]

      E            F#m           D            A*
	Sha la la la la, sha la la la, I'm goin home
	Sha la la la la, la la la la, I'm goin home	

Something inside of me makes me scream
How could it got to you from a little boy
You'll be all right he is by my side
He's not a little boy, he's my pride and joy  Sha la la la 

	Sha la la la la, sha la la la, I'm goin home
	Sha la la la la, la la la la, I'm goin home	


Summer on the radio 
and the phone rang 
and it was Jeannette
Dear boy we have to let her go
I begged no, no not yet
you left six of us to fend for ourselves
Guess it's just part of someone's master plan
We'll see you left cause your my best friend
you were a light to them 
and I smiled when the angels sang sha la la la


  I  Steve Vetter                    I   "I'm not the same                  I
  \  vetters@vax1.elon.edu           I        As I was long ago,            /
  I  vetters@sun0.elon.edu           I    I've learned some new things      I
  /  Elon College                    I        And I hope that it shows..."  \
  I  Alpha Kappa Psi                 I          -Neil Young  (Homefires)    I

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