Hole - Malibu Guitar Chords


alternative rock, grunge, lilith, pop rock

Song versions: 1 2
Chords: Em9, Bm7add11, Gsus4, D, A, G, Em, Asus2, Asus4, E
Em9             Bm7add11        Gsus4
e|--2--|        e|--0--|        e|--X--|
B|--3--|        B|--3--|        B|--1--|
G|--0--|        G|--2--|        G|--0--|
D|--2--|        D|--0--|        D|--0--|
A|--2--|        A|--2--|        A|--3--|
E|--0--|        E|--0--|        E|--3--|

Em9  D   Bm7add11   A
Em9  D   Bm7add11   A

Em9       D
Crash and burn
         Bm7add11               A
All the stars explode tonight
Em9                   D 
How’d you get so desperate?
      Bm7add11        A
How’d you stay alive?
Em9       D
Help me please
           Bm7add11              A
Burn the sorrow from your eyes
       Em9           D
Oh, come on be alive again
Bm7add11                A
Don't lay down and die

      G    Em
Hey, hey
               D       A
You know what to do
                  G Em     D   A
Oh, baby, drive away to malibu

(Em9 D Bm7add11 A)
Get well soon
Please dont go any higher
How are you so burnt when
Youre barely on fire
Cry to the angels
Im gonna rescue you
Im gonna set you free tonight, baby
Pour over me

 (G Em D A)
Hey, hey
Were all watching you
Oh, baby, fly away to malibu
Cry to the angels
And let them swallow you
Go and part the sea, yeah, in malibu

        Gsus4       D
And the sun goes down
                  A  Asus2 A Asus4 A 
I watch you slip away
      Gsus4      D    A  Asus2 A Asus4 A 
And I waaaaaaaaaalk 

       Gsus4    D                 A Asus2 A Asus4 A
And I knew love would tear you apart
          Gsus4     D                 A    E
Oh and I knew the darkest secret of your heart

(G Em D A)
Im gonna follow you
Oh baby, fly away, yeah
To malibu
           G  Em              D    A
Oceans of angels, oceans of stars
            G  Em                      D    A
Down by the sea is where you drown your scars

G          Em
I cant be near you
      D        A
The light just radiates
G         Em
I cant be near you
      D         (fade)           
The light just radiates...

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