He Is We - Lead The Fight On Guitar Chords

He Is We

alternative pop rock, neo mellow, pixie, pop emo

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Chords: Em, G, C, D
Em, G, Em, G  (With piano)

You know every part of me
I know every part of you
Tell me a story with an ending that makes me smile
Tell me you'll stand by me longer than just awhile
Your fight is what I'm believing for
My fight is hand in hand with yours
Just a couple of kids who found a voice,
who found a choice,  We are...


We're the ones with the scars and the stripes
Been here forever too our battle is worth the fight
G                            D
Not the little kids you knew before, We are...
Broken hearts with the motive to move the world
Doesn't matter your past, all my boys and girls
G                                 D (Strum once and let ring)
With the stories tell tied in our hands

Lead the fight on

(Intro chords  + Piano)

Our lives may not be the same
Ourselves found in a single name
A name of hope for those who've lost their way
Just a glance at the moment they'll be okay
Your past makes you so strong
My past shows what I've done wrong
Gotta rise from the ashes and paint this town
Let's paint this town, We are...


C         D
I'm fire, I'm pain
Em                 D
Been through hell, been through rain
C          D
I'm tired, I'm shamed
Em            D
Can't stop me anyway
C           D
I'm driven, regardless
Em          D   
I'm lifting the helpless
C             D
My hands are, in yours now
Em               D         C (Strum once and let ring) 
Lets change this world somehow 
D     Em                                    C        G    C       D
      We're the ones with the scars and the stripes forever and ever


Em, G, Em, G, Em

Jessen Shay

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