He Is We Guitar Chords

He Is We


Rachel Taylor found inspiration for the name He Is We while growing up in the beautiful San Juan Islands of Washington State. Shy and awkward, Rachel found solace and empowerment through her love for music and God. She quickly learned to focus her angst into writing and singing. She took a risk and shared her music with others and discovered that the joy it brought them doubled the joy it gave her. This was the impetus for her extreme passion to use her music as a means to reach others like her. Rachel has always said that the band name He Is We, which she created before she became a teenager, symbolizes “dropping our pride and fear and recognizing that the person(s) on stage and in the audience is us.” “We can all connect through music and use it to support and help one another.” She moved to Tacoma at 18 and formally formed the band, He Is We. Rachel signed a music deal with Universal Motown, and then with Universal Republic. She “birthed” the album, My Forever, and then the EP, Skip to the Good Part. He Is We found commercial success with songs like Happily Ever After and All About Us. Early fan favorites also included songs, which pre-date the labels, like I Wouldn’t Mind and Pardon me. He Is We is currently independent and Rachel continues her journey to create music with a purpose.
Genres: alternative pop rock, neo mellow, pixie, pop emo, pop rock, viral pop

Guitar Chords:

All About Us
All About Us (ver. 2)
All About Us (ver. 3)
All About Us (ver. 4)
All About Us (ver. 5)
All About Us (ver. 6)
A Mess It Grows
A Mess It Grows (ver. 2)
And Run
Blame It On The Rain
Blame It On The Rain (ver. 2)
Blame It On The Rain (ver. 3)
Blame It On The Rain (ver. 4)
Blame It On The Rain (ver. 5)
Breathe (ver. 2)
Breathe (ver. 3)
Breathe (ver. 4)
Breathe (ver. 5)
Breathe Without
Every Other Man
Everything You Do
Everything You Do (ver. 2)
Everything You Do (ver. 3)
Everything You Do (ver. 4)
Everything You Do (ver. 5)
Fall (ver. 2)
Forever And Ever
Forever And Ever (ver. 2)
Forever And Ever (ver. 3)
Give It All
Happily Ever After
Happily Ever After (ver. 2)
Happily Ever After (ver. 3)
Happily Ever After (ver. 4)
Happily Ever After (ver. 5)
Happy Ever After
His Name
His Name (ver. 2)
His Name (ver. 3)
I Wouldnt Mind
I Wouldnt Mind (ver. 2)
I Wouldnt Mind (ver. 3)
I Wouldnt Mind (ver. 4)
I Wouldnt Mind (ver. 5)
I Wouldnt Mind (ver. 6)
I Wouldnt Mind He Is We
Kiss It All Better
Kiss It All Better (ver. 2)
Kiss It All Better (ver. 3)
Kiss It All Better (ver. 4)
Kiss It Better
Kiss It Better (ver. 2)
Lead The Fight On
Lead The Fight On (ver. 2)
Light A Way
Love Life
Love Life (ver. 2)
Our July In Rain
Our July In The Rain
Our July In The Rain (ver. 2)
Our July In The Rain (ver. 3)
Our July In The Rain (ver. 4)
Our July In The Rain (ver. 5)
Pardon Me
Pardon Me (ver. 2)
Pour Me Out
Pour Me Out (ver. 2)
Pour Me Out (ver. 3)
Prove You Wrong
Prove You Wrong (ver. 2)
Prove You Wrong (ver. 3)
Prove You Wrong (ver. 4)
Radio (ver. 2)
Radio (ver. 3)
So Easy
Tell Me
Tell Me (ver. 2)
The One About Indifference
Too Beautiful