Hayley Westenra - Melancholy Interlude Guitar Chords

Hayley Westenra

bow pop, celtic, operatic pop

Chords: F#m, Bm, A, D
Capo on the 5th

[Verse 1]
F#m          Bm F#m  Bm
Cold nights of loneliness
A    D     A         D
Dark nights of emptiness
A     D       A   D   F#m
I stood there waiting
  Bm        F#m         Bm
But the summer came too late

[Verse 2]
F#m    Bm F#m Bm
Seasons unfold
A    D     A     D
Stories lie untold
A     D       A   D   F#m
And still my heart is waiting
 Bm        F#m   Bm
Summer came too late

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