Hayden Panettiere - Consider Me Guitar Chords

Hayden Panettiere

post-teen pop

Chords: Ab, Eb, Bb, Fm, Gb, Db
Ab Eb Bb X2

                       Ab     Eb             Bb
When all the bright lights have shut down 
                        Ab       Eb                 Bb
And they have closed every door in town 

       Fm Eb Bb   X2
Ill be around

                     Ab Eb Bb 
and there is nobody left to call
                  Ab       Eb       Bb
and your surrounded by these walls 
             Fm Eb Bb 
Ill make them fall
             Ab Gb
ill make them fall

Bb Db Ab Gb x2
ahhh ahhhh ahhhh ahhhh

                      Ab Eb       Bb
When all the money has been spent 
                      Ab   Eb        Bb
and you've thrown away every cent

           Fm Eb Bb
ill take you in 

                         Ab Eb      Bb
when you are drifting off to sleep 
                       Ab Eb     Bb
maybe tonight in your dreams

            Fm Eb Bb 
consider me X2

Bb Db Ab Gb X6
ahhhh ahhhhh ahhhhh ahhhhh

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