Hawkshaw Hawkins - If It Aint On The Menu Guitar Chords

Hawkshaw Hawkins

country gospel, cowboy western, nashville sound, traditional country

Chords: G, C, D7
When a dog gets hungry he needs a bone

           C                             G
And when a man needs loving he starts to roam

    C                                           G
I'm starving for your loving and I don't want a bone

                                       D7        G
So if you treat me like a dog I'll run away from home

Don't want no warmed over kisses or yesterday's sigh

       C                               G
I want everything fresh even brand new life

       C                                     G
If you can't treat me right then it ain't no treat

                                         D7     G
If the grub ain't no good there ain't no use to eat

I'm a connoisseur when it comes to love

      C                                   G
Don't won't a tough old hen in place of a dove

           C                                     G
Don't want boarding house kisses I don't want to fight

                                     D7      G
Don't bother to kiss me if you can't kiss me right

I want a full course dinner and your love everyday

       C                                 G
And if ain't on the menu there's another café

       C                                      G
I want everything fresh from your sweet sweet lips

                                     D7       G
If the service ain't no good I don't leave no tip

I know all the tricks underneath the moon

          C                                      G
If you're cooking some soup you'll know I want a spoon

             C                                G
If you ain't got what I want then another gal may

                             D7      G
If ain't on the menu there's another cafe

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