Hawkshaw Hawkins - I Hope Youre Crying Too Guitar Chords

Hawkshaw Hawkins

country gospel, cowboy western, nashville sound, traditional country

Chords: G, C, D7
G                                    C
I walk the lonely streets at night I always search for you

D7                                         G
Are you many miles away or just a block or two

You left a note to say goodbye and it told me we were through

D7                                                       G
You'll never know how it hurt me so I hope you're crying too

Each night when I am feeling blue I cry myself to sleep

D7                                                        G
Then you appear and kiss each tear and say you're mine to keep

But dreams just last till break of day then you slowly fade from view

D7                                                       G
And I awake with that old heartache I hope you're crying too

I wonder if you're happy now or if you're lonesome too

D7                                          G
Do you miss me just as much as I am missing you

The mem-or-ies they haunt me now of the love that we once knew

D7                                                      G
The love is gone and I can't go on I hope you're crying too

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