Harry Nilsson - Without Her Guitar Chords

Harry Nilsson

art rock, brill building pop, bubblegum pop, classic rock

Song versions: 1 2 3
Chords: Em, A, Dm7, G, D, D7, D6
Without Her 

Em          A
I spend the night in a chair thinking
Dm7                     G 
She'll be there but she never comes
           Em                   A
And then I wake up and wipe the sleep from my eyes
      Dm7                  G       Em        A  Dm7  G
And I rise to face another day without her
It's just no good anymore 
When you walk through the door of an empty room
And then you go inside and set a table for one
It's no fun when you spend a day without her

D                                       D7
We burst the pretty balloon, it took us to the moon
What a beautiful thing
         Em               A
But it's ended now and it sounds like a lie
     Dm7                G            Em      A  Dm7  G
If I say I'd rather die than live without her

Love is a beautiful thing
When it knows how to swing and it grooves like a clock
But the hands on the clock tell the lovers to part,
And it's breaking my heart to spend another day without her

Verse 1+:  
Dm7      G       Em      A
Can't go on, without her
Do-do's, it's all wrong without her
There's no song, without her

by: José Duarte

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