Harry Nilsson - Together Guitar Chords

Harry Nilsson

art rock, brill building pop, bubblegum pop, classic rock

Chords: F, Eb, Bb, C, F6, F7, G/B, Bb6, Bb7, G#

Intro:  F  Eb Bb  C  Eb  C (2x)  

F                     F+                  F6
Life isn't easy when two are divided, and one has decided
   F7                          Bb
To bring down the curtain, but one thing is for certain
        G/B                    F      Eb Bb  C  Eb  C 
There's nothing to keep them together.

How does it happen, that two can be tender and one be the lender
Of love and emotion that covered the ocean of sadness
That keep them together.

Bb                              Bb+
Love will start with you, it is easy to measure it
Bb6                                     Bb7
Each day was a pleasure each night an adventure
     Eb                                   C                  Bb      G#  F 
Each morning was something that had to be shared together

Love when it's growing is full of surprises
Its temperature rises, from higher to higher
And then turns to fire which has to be shared together

Then came the sadness which follows the laughter
And shortly thereafter a dream that exploded
A promise was broken now few words were spoken together

by: José Duarte

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