Harry Nilsson - Mourning Glory Story Guitar Chords

Harry Nilsson

art rock, brill building pop, bubblegum pop, classic rock

Chords: A, D, Dsus2, C#, C, B, Gm, Bb, A7, D#, G#m, Bb7, E, Am/C, B7
Mourning Glory Story

Intro: /A /D D Dsus2 D Dsus2 (2X)

D             /C#               /C            /B
She wakes up, she finds herself sleeping in a doorway
Gm/Bb             A7            D
Wondering how she ever got this way,
D              /C#              /C              /B 
She fights her tears away then prays for no more sorrow
     Gm/Bb           A7            D
Will tomorrow be the same as yesterday,

D#         /D               /C#               /C 
She tasted from the tree of life which led to hunger
        G#m/B              Bb7        D#
Now she wonders how she'll ever carry on.
D#         /D                /C#                /C 
She thinks about the life she knew when she was younger
       G#m/B              Bb7                 D#
Heaven help her now those days are long since gone.

E             /D#               /D                  /C#                    
She wakes up, she finds herself sleeping next to no one
         Am/C                B7              E
And it's no fun when there's no one there to see.
E             /D#            /D                  /C#                    
She looks down at her feet my God they sure look dirty
      Am/C            B7           E
Seven-thirty, time to be or not to be.

She cries out won't somebody listen to my story
Mourning Glories aren't supposed to have to beg.
She wakes up - she finds herself sleeping in a doorway
Wonderin' how she ever got that way,.

by: José Duarte

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