Harry Loco - Solidarity Guitar Chords

Chords: Em, D, F#m, E, A
Moderate with a slow beat  Intro Em

Em / D
An 14-year-old boy said “ I can take it any longer”
Em / D
To fight for freedom and human rights we must be much stronger
F#m / Em
I’m just fourteen but I've got a life to live
F#m / Em / E
Lets come together there is so much for us to give

Lets share that feeling together we re stuck on this planet
And show some respect, and love is what you’ll get
Together we must fight for human rights 
Look your fears right in the eyes, I say ..
Do you actually know who lives next door?
Come lend them a hand, you know were that is for
People staced away in their homes
Let them come out, and join together,

chorus :
D / E / A
Put your hands above your head
D / E / A 
Lift them above your mind
A / D / E / A / D
Dont think just feel it! Search for the hands next to mine
Feel them, grab them fast, and hold them tied
Open all your doors, to make a chain of light   
Mouth-organ solo                                  
D / E / A
D / E / A
D / E / A / D / Em till end

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