Harry Chapin - You Are The Only Song Guitar Chords

Harry Chapin

folk, folk rock, mellow gold, singer-songwriter

Chords: D, Dmaj7, D6
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album: Legends of the Lost and Found
song: You Are The Only Song
artist: Harry Chapin
transcribed: Ken Reynolds

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You Are The Only Song
Harry Chapin       (klr)

[D] Oh, I?ve sung it [G] all [D] tonight
Almost [G] every [A] story that I know  [D]  [D7]
And [G] now when they [A] turn out the [D] spotlight  [Bm]
[G] I?m not sure [Bm] where I?m supposed to [A] go

And I?m [D] so hoarse I [G] can?t hit the [D] high notes
It?s just a [G] whisper [A] when I?m [D] low  [D7]
But [G] when you [A] sing from the [D] inside  [Bm]
You [G] hope [Bm] that something [A] shows

And [G] that is [A] why
Yes, [G] you [A] are the [D] only song [Bm]
The [G] only [Bm] song I [A] need
You?re my [G] laughter
And [A] you?re my [D] lonely song [Bm]
You?re the [G] harvest [Bm] and you?re the [A] seed
And you?re my [G] first [A] and my [D] final song  [Bm]
[G] You own [Bm] me [A] indeed

Yes, [G] after [A] all is [D] said and  done [Bm]
You?re the [G] one  song [Bm] that I [A] need

I?ve [D] sung my [G] songs to [D] silence
To empty [G] clubs and [A] crowded [D] bars  [D7]
I?ve [G] sung my [A] songs to [D] standing  room  [Bm]
Even [G] sung ?em [Bm] to the [A] stars

But the [D] faces they [G] fade together[D]
And the [G] applause it?s [A] gone so [D] fast  [D7]
And the [G] story [A] of  every [D] darkened stage [Bm]
Is that the [G] glory [Bm] just does not [A] last

And [G] that is [A] why
Yes, [G] after [A] all is [D] said and [Bm] done
You?re the [G] one song [Bm] that I [A] need

fade with circle
[D] - [Dmaj7] - [D6] - [Dmaj7]

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