Harry Chapin - Sequel Guitar Chords

Harry Chapin

folk, folk rock, mellow gold, singer-songwriter

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Chords: C, Bb, D, E, Abm, E7, Db, F#m, D7
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From: LTWU46B@prodigy.com (MR KEN L REYNOLDS)
Date: Sat,  8 Nov 1997 10:45:26, -0500
Subject: sequel_by_harry_chapin

album: Sequel
song: Sequel
artist: Harry Chapin
transcribed: Ken Reynolds

This is a great Harry Chapin song and I hope you all enjoy it as much
as I do.

Harry Chapin      (klr)

So [G] here she's actin' [Em] happy, [D] inside her handsome [Bm] home
And [G] me, I'm flyin' in my [D] taxi, taking [C] tips [Bb] and
gettin' [D] stoned

I got into town a little early  [D]   [Am]
Had eight hours to kill before the show
First I though about heading up north of the bay
Then I [C] knew where I [Bb] had to go  [D]
I thought about taking a limousine   [D]  [Am]
Or at least a fancy car
But I ended up taking a "Taxi'
'Cause [C] that's how I [Bb] this [D] far

You see [G] ten years ago it was the [Em] front seat
Drivin' [D] stoned and feelin' no [Bm] pain
Now [G] here I am straight and [D] sittin' in the back
Hitting [C] Sixteen [Bb] Parkside [D] Lane    [C]  [Bb]  [D]   [D]
[C]  [E]

The driveway was the same as I remembered   [E]  [Bm]
And a butler came and answered the door
He just shook his head when I asked for her
And said "She [D] doesn't live [C] here [E] anymore    [D]  [C]  [E]
But he offered to give me the address  [E]  [Bm]
That they were forwarding her letters to
I just took it and returned to the cabbie
And said "I got [D] one more [C] fare for [E] you."   [D]  [C]  [E]

[E] And so we rolled back into the [G] city
Up to a [A] five story old brown [C] stone
I rang the [D] bell that had her name on the [E] mailbox
The [D] buzzer said somebody's [E] home  [D]  [C]  [E]   [C]  [D]

[E] And the look on her face as she [G] opened the door
Was like an [A] old joke told by a [C] friend
It'd taken [D] ten more years but she'd [E] found her smile
And I [D] watched the corners start to [E] bend

And she [A] said, ?How are you [B7] Harry?
Haven't we [E] played this scene before??
I [A] said, "It's so good to [E] see you , Sue.
Had to [D] play it out [C] just once [E] more
[D]Play it out  just once [E] more."

She said ?I've heard you flying high on my radio.?     [E]  [Bm]
I answered "It's not all it seem."
That's when she laughed and she said,
"It's better sometimes, when we don't [D] get to touch our [E] dreams."
   [D  -  E] x2

That's when I [A] asked her where was that [F#m] actress
She [E] said "That was somebody [C#m] else."
And then I [A] asked her why she looked so [E] happy now
She said, "I [D] finally like myself, at last I like [E] myself."

[E]  [Abm]  [E7]  [E7/Db]  [F#m]  [D7]  [C]  [E]

[E]          So we talked all through that afternoon
[Abm]     Talking about where we'd been
[E7]        We talked of the tiny difference
[E7/Db]  Between ending and starting to begin
[F#m]     We talked ?cause talking tells you things
[D7]        Like what you are really thinking about
[C]          But sometimes you can't find what you're feeling
[E]          ?Til all the words run out

So I asked her to come to the concert   [E]  [Bm]
She said ?No, I work at night."
I said, ?We've gotten to damn good at leaving, Sue."
She said, ?[D] Harry, [C] your [E] right."  [D]  [E]  [D]  [E]

Don't [A] ask me if I made [F#m] love to her
Or which [E] one of us started to cry.
Don't [A] ask me why she wouldn't take the [E] money that I left.
If I [D] answered at all I'D [E] lie.  [D]  [C]  [E]  [C]  [Bb]  [D]

So I thought about her as I sang that night  [Am]  [D]
And how the circle keeps rolling around
How I act as I'm facing the footlights
And how she's [C] flying with both [Bb] feet on the [D] ground

I guess [G] it's a sequel to our [Em] story
>From the [D] journey ?tween heaven and [Bm] hell
With [G] half the time thinking of what [D] might have been been
And [C] half thinkin' [Bb] just as [D] well
I guess [G] only [A7] time will [D] tell

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Enjoy all...

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