Harry Chapin - I Wonder What Happened To Him Guitar Chords

Harry Chapin

folk, folk rock, mellow gold, singer-songwriter

Chords: D, Am7, D/C#, Bm, Bm/A, Bm/G#, G6, Em/F#, Em, Asus, A, G, Bbdim, Bm6/D, F#m, C9
D  Am7

[Verse 1]
D                     D/C#
I'm the green young gentleman
                Bm           Bm/A
And you're the lady with the past
  Bm/G#        G6
I admit I'm insecure about
Em/F#    Em      Asus   A
How long we will last

[Verse 2]
   D                 D/C#
I sort through in my mind
      Bm          Bm/A
The little that I know
        Bm/G#         G
But the only thing I find
     Em/F#     Em     Asus  A
From where my musings go

[Verse 3]
    G              A
Is that kind of confusion
            D          D/C#     Bm    Bm/A
That just makes more questions come
           Em            Bbdim
About the wild and shady world
          Bm                Bm/A
That you must have wandered from

[Verse 4]
           G               A
You see I have no real complaints
               D        D/C#   Bm      Bm/A
Of how you've left your past behind
   Em                 Bbdim
I guess what gets me worried
            Bm                 Bm/A   Em  Asus  A
Is you've erased him from your mind

    D          Bm6/D      F#m    C9
I wonder what happened to him
      G          A
Your past is a canyon
             D     D/C#   Ddim/6
And I'm a stranger on the rim
  F#m         C9                   G       Ddim/6
Looking down below to where it's misty and dim

[Verse 5]
      D                  Bm6/D
But where there's still shining
   F#m               C9
A faint glow from a light
              G          A
It makes me wonder where he is
  D           Am7
                                                                                                 m ...

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