Harper Grace - Rip Guitar Chords

Chords: Am, F, C, G, Gm
Am F C G

Am        F               C         G
i don’t wish you worry or pain
Am      F                  C           G
i don’t miss you unless i hear you’re name
Am          F                   C
everybody knew it but me it was bound to go down
that you wouldn’t stick aroung nah
Am               F                       C      G
the trouble with hello is that there’s always goodbye

         Am     F        C             G
rest in peaceeeee, i’m begging heaven please
         Am    F        C          G
rest in peaceeee, you gave hell to me

           F	               C			   G
but while lungs are breathing hearts are beating, but you know you’re
	  Am   F      G	      C
rest in peaceeeeee, rest in peace.

	     Gm      Am		  C			G
i buried the feeeelinggg when we crossed to the other side
		  Gm    Am	      C		     G
you gave me good reasonnnn, to let it go and let it dieeee
G           C
rest in peaceee

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