Harley Poe - Father Mckee Guitar Chords

Harley Poe

acoustic punk, anti-folk, folk punk, gypsy punk

Song versions: 1 2
Chords: C, G, Am, F
Intro- vese chords x1

C                      G                    C
Father McKee touched me in more ways than one
  Am                          C             G
I learned of sexuality through God’s chosen son
C                                         G             Am
I sang for him and I prayed with him and I did it on my knees
F            C         G         C
Father McKee taught me how to say please

C            G              C
Amazing grace how sweet the sound
Am                                  C             G
He used to make me sing that tune as he was going down
C                                   G                Am
I’d meet him in confession and we’d drink up all the wine
F            C         G         C
Me and father McKee we had a good time

F                              C
Father McKee said that we were free
            G            C
He keeps me safe from the enemy
F                             C
Father McKee laid his hands on me
He helped me to see the Devil lives inside of me

Verse Chords x1

C                              G               C
Father McKee doesn’t love me as much as I hate him
  Am                               C                  G
I found out just the other day that he’s been touching Tim
C                             G             Am
An orphan and a choir boy he’s got one up on me
F                   C         G       C
As I lay them down I pray God forgive thee

F                             C
Father McKee I know not what I do
          G                   C
But it was you who made those videos
F                          C
Atheists and pagans hear my plea
I’ll be set free to manifest the beast in me

Verse Chords x1

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