Hardcore Superstar - Hope For A Normal Life Guitar Chords

Hardcore Superstar

glam metal, hard rock, sleaze rock, swedish alternative rock

Chords: Gm, Bb, Eb, E, A, F
INTRO: Gm Bb Eb (due passaggi sui bassi Bb E A per tornare in Gm)

pausa in Gm

Bb     F
I did not mean to stare no but
Sometimes I need to see it my way
There's some secrets I don't share
The truth will only make you sad

Gm Bb F Eb
Cause I know
It won't show 
But I know for sure
Your pain grows
And I'm sure
There's no love
No more

Gm Bb Eb (il Eb dura 2), Gm Bb Eb F
Next time I hope for a normal life
Next life I hope I'll do something right
Next time I'll look for something that feels right
Cause love made me evil
Love made me lonely
I just want to start all over again
I'm not an evil man

Summertime it's been a while
Can't see the sun just want to hide 
In my dreams I make you smile
No drinks they only make me cry

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