Hard Core Logo - China White Ten Buck Fuck Guitar Chords

Chords: E, B, A, C#
as performed by Hugh Dillon and Swamp Baby for the movie "Hard Core Logo"
Wikipedia page: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hard_Core_Logo

This is the way I play it as I've mentally transcribed it. It's obviously 
missing a nice consistent lead over it. The picking is pretty easy to figure
out on your own with the chords. I've not really listened to it along with 
the actual song so this could be way off, but it makes me happy. )

E               B
Sally says he's coming soon
A                           B  E
A yellow man with a foo-man-chu
E                   B
I drive by him with a shiny machine
A                                B  E    
He'll make me happy just wait in see
(The whole song is this progression except for the bridge)

I know I owe you for the last 2 times
But ta I love you like you've never seen
You've got give me just enough this time
Then I promise to get myself clean 

China white is a bitter end
China white took my best friend
China white was a beauty queen
Makes me cry just to think about it

She came down from small town BC 
And she was once a real beauty
It hurts me to see her that way
And I just knew it had to end someday

Ain't nothing devine in the call of the sparrow
And don't you know it's making me cry
San Ludi, ain't that way
Don't you know its fit for you baby

repeat [Chorus]

B          C#                       A
Out on the town with my face and my Cracker-Jack soul
B              C#                  A                          B     E
Down in a mire baby, how you can breathe when your face is so burned?

Sally you been meeting on a dark whale
You know I sit alone and ponder about it
It's times like this I think you're already dead
But you're to stupid to lie down!

She started out by the library steps
Looking good, but needing some coin
She started turning tricks in her room
It makes me fucking sick to think about it

repeat [Chorus]  (except third line is: “China white was a real beauty”)

E            B            A                    B   E
China white, China white, China white, China white, 
E            B            A                        B         E
China white, China White, Makes me fucking cry, to think, about it.

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