Hanson - Believe Guitar Chords


boy band, dance pop, neo mellow, pop rock

Song versions: 1 2
Chords: A, D, G, Gm, Bm7, Em, D/F#, Bm
This is totally correct and you can play it along with the CD.  MY guitar teacher figured
out this song, not me, but I thought I would share it with others, because it is such an
awesome song.

READ: for the intro, you strum the D chord once and then play the fill and so on.  It's
transcribed from the piano.

Fill 1: e|--------|         Fill 2:e|--------|
        B|----3-2-|                B|-2-3-5--|
        G|2-4-----|                G|--------|
        D|--------|                D|--------|
        A|--------|                A|--------|
        E|--------|                E|--------|

Intro: D Fill 1 x2
       A Fill 2 x2

              D               D
Verse 1:     I was holding on now I'm letting go
             This is nothing more than a picture show
              G                 G
             Everything I knew, now I hardly know
             Busy getting less never getting more
             One more nickle dime, I'm out the door
             Well, this kind of life I can't afford
              D                    D
Chorus:      Oh I love to believe, that it's  not only me
              D                          A
             That's longing only just to believe
             Oh I love to believe , that it's not only me
                              A             A
             I'd live only just to believe, so believe
             G                        Gm
             Cause I want to believe, oh I want to believe
             Ohh oh

Verse 2 (same as verse 1):    
             Can't ease my mind with these words I say
             Tryin' to get myself to get out of the way
             Birds in the trees, just make me depressed
             Seeing sunny skies, feeling emptiness
             Layers of lies just seem to fold
             Well this kind of like is all I know


Bridge:     Em             A
            Murder wears a friendly smile
            D/F#                 Bm
            Like the perfect end in a plastic vail
            Oh no pain
            Em           A
            Sorry that I can't stay
            D/F#                     Bm
            But this bird was meant to fly away
            Oh fly away, oh oh

Solo:  to play the background music while Isaac is soloing, strum the 1st verse chords.


Outro:     D
           Well I want to believe
           D              A
           I can believe, I will believe in something
           I want to believe
           D              A
           I can believe, I will believe in something

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