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Over their first 25 years as the band HANSON, brothers Isaac, Taylor and Zac Hanson have made a significant mark in music. Starting in 1992, they spent their first five years building a fanbase as an independent band in Tulsa, OK. After signing a record deal, they saw a meteoric rise with the 1997 international smash single “MMMBop” from their debut album Middle Of Nowhere followed by consecutive top 40 singles. A long line of hits, 5 more studio albums, multiple Grammy nominations and over 16 million album sales followed. Over their second decade, the band charted their own course, running an independent label while maintaining a coveted connection with their global fanbase. In 2007, they launched a grassroots campaign to support poverty and HIV/AIDS relief in Africa (TakeTheWalk.net). In 2013 they launched HANSON Brothers Beer, premiering their new venture with a signature Pale Ale, Mmmhops, and in 2014 they launched the hugely successful Hop Jam Beer and Music Festival in their hometown of Tulsa, which boasts 40,000 attendees annually. After a sold out world tour celebrating 25 years together, HANSON marks their 26th birthday with a musical experience unlike any other. HANSON STRING THEORY - a musical manifesto with new and career spanning works from HANSON, arranged by David Campbell, performed with the world’s leading symphonies.

For more information go to www.Hanson.net
Genres: boy band, dance pop, neo mellow, pop rock

Guitar Chords:

And I Waited
A Song To Sing
A Song To Sing (ver. 2)
A Song To Sing (ver. 3)
As Surely As The Sun
At Christmas
Been There Before
Been There Before (ver. 2)
Believe (ver. 2)
Breaktown (ver. 2)
Bridges Of Stone
Cant Stop
Carry You There
Carry You There (ver. 2)
Coming Back For More
Crazy Beautiful
Crazy Beautiful (ver. 2)
Dancin In The Wind
Deeper (ver. 2)
Deeper (ver. 3)
Deeper (ver. 4)
Dream Girl
Dying To Be Alive
End Of The Line
End Of The Line (ver. 2)
Everyone Knows The Claus
Every Word I Say
Fire On The Mountain
Furry Walls
Georgia (ver. 2)
Get Up And Go
Go (ver. 2)
Go (ver. 3)
Go (ver. 4)
Great Divide
If Only
Ive Been Down
I Will Come To You
I Will Come To You (ver. 2)
I Will Come To You (ver. 3)
Lay Me Down
Lost Without You
Love Somebody To Know
Love Song
Man From Milwaukee
Man From Milwaukee (ver. 2)
Me Myself And I
Minute Without You
Minute Without You (ver. 2)
Mmmbop (ver. 2)
Mmmbop (ver. 3)
Need You Now
Never Let Go
Next Train
On And On
Penny And Me
Penny And Me (ver. 2)
Penny And Me (ver. 3)
Penny And Me (ver. 4)
River (ver. 2)
Rock N Roll Razorblade
Runaway Run
Save Me
Save Me From Myself
Smile (ver. 2)
Strong Enough To Break
Strong Enough To Break (ver. 2)
Sure About It
Taking My Own Sweet Time
Teach Your Children
These Walls
The Walk
Thinking Of You
This Time Around
This Time Around (ver. 2)
This Time Around (ver. 3)
Underneath (ver. 2)
Underneath (ver. 3)
Underneath (ver. 4)
Use Me Up
Wake Up
Wake Up (ver. 2)
Watch Over Me
Weird (ver. 2)
Weird (ver. 3)
When Youre Gone
When Youre Gone (ver. 2)
When Youre Gone (ver. 3)
Wheres The Love
Wish That I Was There
With You In Your Dreams
You Never Know