Hanni El Khatib - Wait Wait Wait Guitar Chords

Hanni El Khatib

bay area indie, garage rock, modern blues rock, punk blues

Chords: C, Am, F

It's always the same chords: C Am F C
The little tricky thing goes like this

It's not very accurate but you'll work it out with the song

Intro : C Am F C

        C                           Am
V1      I don't know where you came from
        F                            C
        but I do know that I'm not alone
        C                          Am
        be sure that I love you darling
        F                              C
        even though sometimes we won't get along

        there's not a day that passes by, my dear

        that I don't think of the first night we spoke

        and those words are staying upon your skin

        along with that precious smile of hope

                C                            Am
CH              that's why I'm like wait, wait, wait
                F                            C
                don't you know I could be your home?
                C                 Am
                I'm like wait, wait, wait
                F                      C
                cause nobody wants to be alone

V2      lying there on the kitchen floor                (same as V1)

        were the last signs of a helpless soul

        and she knew that he would die right then

        and so she held him until the last breath grew old

        and so she cried as her darling slept

        in between her arms, slid to the floor

        and then she screamed out into the cold, cold night

        oh my God, please don't go

CH              she was like, wait, wait, wait

                I love you more than you know

                she was like, wait, wait, wait

                I don't wanna be alone

                oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh (ahem)

                that's why I'm like, wait, wait, wait

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