Hannah Montana - This Is The Life Guitar Chords

Hannah Montana

dance pop, hollywood, pop, post-teen pop

Song versions: 1 2 3
Chords: E, A, B, Am, D
This Is The Life
Hannah Montana

Intro: E A B (4x)

E               A                  B
Take the world shakin', stirrin'  That's what I've got goin' on
E                A                     B
I throw my cares up in the air  And I don't think they're comin' down
        A                        B (build)
Yeah, I love how it feels right now

             E       A       B
This is the life!   Hold on tight!
                 E            A     B
And this is the dream!  It's all I need   
    B                        A
You never know where you'll find it
     B                 A
And I'm gonna take my time, yeah
B                     A-Am                    E
I'm still getting it right      This is the Life!

E            A                  B
Takin' in a whole new sea  and swimmin' with a new crowd (Crowd)
E                  A                   B
Breakin' down the old four walls  and building them up from around
         A                       B (build)
Yeah, I love how it feels right now


Gonna follow my own lead, Yeah!
Kick back and feel the breeze!
Nothing but the blue sky!
As far as I can see!


These are the correct chords. If you Capo to the fourth fret E A B D = C F G Bb

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