Hannah Montana - I Learned From You Guitar Chords

Hannah Montana

dance pop, hollywood, pop, post-teen pop

Song versions: 1 2
Chords: G, Am, Cadd9, D, Em, F, C, F#m, A, E, B, Bb, Eb
Hey guys! this is my very first tab, so go easy on me! I am pretty sure this si 
right, but let me know how it is. Thanks

Intro: G Am Cadd9 x2

G                   Am        Cadd9
   Sometimes I couldn't hear what you tried to tell me, 

G                Am         Cadd9              D
I thought that i knew all i need to know,

G           Am         Cadd9
I didn't realize that somewhere inside me,

G          Am               Cadd9           D
I didn't understand that the doors you would open,

G             Am           Cadd9
Would lead me somewhere I wanted to go. 

Am              Cadd9
   I can't take care of myself,

Am               Cadd9
   Ya,  You taught me well


Em             Cadd9        G        D
I learned from you that I do not crumble,

Em             Cadd9           G             D
I learned that strength is something you choose,

Em         Cadd9          G       D
All of the reasons to keep on believing,

   There's no question that's a lesson,

F                      G   Am  Cadd9   G   
   That I learned from you,

(Billy Ray Cyrus)

Em              F#m      A
We always don't agree on what is the best way,

A  E          F#m             A          B
To get to the place that were going from here,

A   E            F#m           A
But I can really trust you and give you the distance,

A  E        F#m          A       B
To make you decision without any fear,

F#m              A
I'm grateful for all of the times,

F#m           A
You opened my eyes,

(When you play the chorus, at the end only play G, Am, C one time)

Bb                  F                     Cadd9
   You taught me to stand on my own and I thank you for that,

It saved me it made me,

Bb               F                  Eb      Am
And now that i'm looking back I can say,

         Solo: Em, C, G, D, x2

                Chorus x2

(When repeating the chorus the first time, after she signs that i learned from you, 
of playing A G you play an Am)

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