Hannah Georgas - Thick Skin Guitar Chords

Hannah Georgas

canadian indie, vancouver indie

Chords: Dbm, Ab, E, B, Abm
      Dbm    Ab     E      B

[Verse 1]
Dbm                                 Ab
Come on down and pay a visit to the circus
        Dbm                                          Ab
It won't cost you much, just come prepared with some thick skin
        E                              Ab
We can all get along for the first five minutes
         E                      Ab
Then from there, just hold your breath, try not to let your head spin, yeah
Dbm  Ab
Dbm  Ab

[Verse 2]
           Dbm                                                Ab
It doesn't matter how long you're gone, you're still the same
          Dbm                                           Ab
It doesn't matter how hard you try, you still get called every other name in the book
       E                  Ab
Everybody's too tired to care
       E                                 Ab
Everybody's skin shoots off, everybody's hearts are bare, everybody's hearts are bare

B                                  Dbm
Down by the water you can dip your toes in it
    B                                   Dbm
Can almost forget what it was like back then
B                                        E
No one needs to know, no one cares where you've been
B                                       Dbm
No one needs to know, no one needs your thick skin
Your thick skin
Dbm  Ab
Dbm  Ab

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