Hank Williams - Please Make Up Your Mind Guitar Chords

Hank Williams

contemporary country, country, country road, country rock

Chords: B7, E, A
               Please Make up Your Mind - Hank Williams

Tabbed by: Dave S. 
Email: prime-prine@hotmail.com

Tuning: Standard

B7   E

       E                      A
When I agree with you baby it makes you mad 
    B7                        E
and when I don't it makes you sad
E                     A
When I argue back you pack and leave 
    B7               E
and when I don't you pout in grieve

E                             A
There just ain't nobody knows what I go through
     B7                                    E
Will you please make up your mind what you want me to do

    E                   A
You say get out and I'd better stay gone
         B7                   E
Then you have a big policeman drag me back home
    E                    A
You holler good and loud put him in the calaboose
         B7                              E
Then you cry and ask the judge won't you please turn him loose

(Repeat Chorus)

   E                           A
My life with you baby has been one hard knock
B7                         E
Lord my head looks like an old chop block
E                                 A
And I'll tell you right now honey that ain't all
         B7                           E
You done kicked me till I feel like a used football

(Repeat Chorus)

E                              A
You knock me down and then you pick me up
      B7                     E
Honey do you have to love so dog gone rough
  E               A
I wish to my soul you'd slow down the pace
        B7                     E
Cause I tell you right now the hides gettin scace

(Repeat Chorus)

E                                      A
Why when I married you you were such a meek little thing
    B7                 E
But honey among tigers you'd be queen
     E                      A
If a poor little rabbit had you on his side
      B7                         E
Every hound in the country would crawl off and hide

(Repeat Chorus)

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