Hank Williams - Lost On The River Guitar Chords

Hank Williams

contemporary country, country, country road, country rock

Title: Lost on the River
Artist: Hank Williams on the 10 CD Boxset CD 7 Track 16
Writer: Hank Williams
Contributed by: Felton Hall http://www.pine-net.com/felton75

Lost on the River            Key: C

(C)Lost on the river, (F)dark is the (C)night
Just like the blind, prayin' for (G7)sight
(C)Driftin' along, (F)heart filled with (C)strife
I'm lost on the river, the (G7)river of (C)life

Once dear I thought, (F)I knew the (C)way
But that was before, ole sad yester(G7)day
(C)Words that you told me, (F)cut like a (C)knife
I'm lost on the river, the (G7)river of (C)life

Out on this river, (F)where sorrow (C)creeps
Thinking of you, and how my heart (G7)weeps
To(C)morrow you'll be (F)another man's (C)wife
And I'm lost on the river, the (G7)river of (C)life

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