Hank Williams - Feelin Better Guitar Chords

Hank Williams

contemporary country, country, country road, country rock

Chords: D, G, C
Intro and verses are played with alternating bass
 on the D chord then a few pulloff's on the 4th and 5th string, 2nd fret:

     D  D  D  D            D
 E-----------------------------|    etc

 Moved on down to sweet home Alabama in 1974
 Had to get out of Music City and I had to get off the road
 Woman, she left and the people wouldn't let me sing nothin' but them old
 sad songs
 Had to get high so I wouldn't cry, you know they hit pretty close to

             G   D
 I'm feelin' better
 C            G           D
 Now that I'm back on the road
               G   D
 Getting' it together
         C         G      D
 Between Macon and Muscle Shoals

 I started turnin' up loud and looking at the crowd and bendin' them
 guitar strings
 Knew all the while, though it was my style could they ever forget my
 Rocked 'ed in Raleigh, knocked 'em outta Nashville, just couldn't do no
 People went wild and the band said, "Child, better keep on playin' your


 Well, my life ain't the same and I had to change and I hope this music
 will show
 A little bit less of cryin' in the beer and a little of my own soul
 Waylon and Toy and all them boys, I wanna say thanks to you
 Your fiddle and your steel make me play what I feel and I don't feel
 lovesick blues


            G   D        C        G    D
 All came together in my sweet Alabama home
                    G D               C        G    D
 And I'm through forever of tryin' to put everybody on
                 G   D         C            D        
 And I'm feelin' better, I got hurt but I'm back on the road
               G   D                      C
 Getting' it together.had to eat a little cornbread
 I've been eatin' that cornbread, sleepin' on a featherbed
 C                                                 G
 Drinkin' that homegrown, writin' some new songs, do it on, get home
 Eat a little cornbread, lovin on a featherbed
 C                                            G                        D
 Smokin' that homegrown, write a few new songs.this here music's

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