Hank Williams Jr. - Wont It Be Nice Guitar Chords

Hank Williams Jr.

contemporary country, country, country road, country rock

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Chords: G, D, A, E, C
Hank Williams Jr. - Won't It Be Nice


Won't It Be Nice, to see you again 
                                         E    A
Seems I've been gone, since I don't know when 
                G                       D
I've had lonely nights, and bottles for friends
             A                 D
And it'll be nice, to see you again. 

Babe I've been down, since you've been gone 
                          E     A
It?s hard to love, over a phone 
                G                        D
But it won't be long now, til I hold you tight 
                 A                   D
Cause I'm coming home, I'll be there tonight. 

               G           C         G
Though I don't always, get standing ovations
                               C        G
I don't always knock the ball, over the fence 
My life is not always, a perfect situation 
And it will be so nice, just to see you again. 

G D A D 

I used to hate, to go home 
                          E     A
It?s a bad feelin?, to be alone 
                  G                       D
There?s been some changes, since way back then 
         A                    D     A D
It?ll be so nice, to see you again.

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