Hank Williams Jr. - On Susans Floor Guitar Chords

Hank Williams Jr.

contemporary country, country, country road, country rock

Chords: G, A, D, Em
On Susan?s Floor
By Hank Williams Jr.

G  A   G   D   A

     G                   A                   G                  D               A
Like crippled ships that made it through the storms and finally reached a quiet shore
    Em                A               D     G    A
The homeless found a home on Susan's floor

I didn't feel so cold and tired stretched out before her fire
Rolling smokes and drinking up her wine
    G          D                G               D                 A 
And I remember candle light and singing till we could not sing no more
    Em             A               D      G    A
And falling warm asleep on Susan's floor

Well now that my song is sweeter I think I'd like to greet her
And thank her for the favors that she gave
  G          D       G                 D           A
A stranger I came my head bowed in the rain to her door
  Em              A                D
I sat and sang my songs on Susan's floor

       G              A         G                D     A   D
In the morning I'd go on buying kingdoms with my songs
                              A     Em             A               D 
Knowing I'd be back in just a while warming in the sunlight of her smile

Well lots of time and songs have passed I catch myself looking back
Reliving all the wonder of those nights
       G              D      G          D                A
That's where I'd be today if I had only stayed one night more
    Em           A               D
And sang another song on Susan's floor

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