Hank Williams Jr. - Born To Boogie Guitar Chords

Hank Williams Jr.

contemporary country, country, country road, country rock

Song versions: 1 2
Chords: E, A, D, B, F#, C#, G#, A#, G


[Verse 1]

Well my momma met my daddy down in Alabama

They tied the knot so here I am
Born on the bayou on the Texas Line
E                                        D A E  
Loved Louisiana and raised on Jambalaya 

[Verse 2]

Now before I could walk I had a guitar in my hand

By the time I could talk I had my own band,
Went on the road when I was eight years old
When I turned fifteen I was stealing the show.

Money to burn and the girls were pretty
It didn't take me long to learn that I was born to boogie.

[Verse 3]

When I was eighteen I went to Hollywood

I met Elvis, Marilyn and Johnny B. Goode,
Got my guitar painted in the California sun
  E                                D A E
A red caddilac having to much fun.

[Verse 4]

Now we were playing them halls and jammin'

Then until they moved me on over to M.G.M.

They said this is the boy we've been telling you about,
                                       D A F#
He lit a cigar and stuck his hand out.

[Verse 5]

He said son have we got a deal for you

Gonna make you a star give you fifty thousand too.
I told him my Momma didn't raise no fool.
F#                    B
I'll take your money, I'll make you a movie
But I can tell ya' right now I am born to boogie.


E A E F# G# A
A# B A# A G E

[Verse 6]

Well my name is Bocephus I drink whiskey by the gallon

And I never back down and I love a good challenge
What I do now is what I did then
E                                             D A E
I like to get down with all my rowdy friends.

[Verse 7]

Now I can be sweet and I can be mean

I still got my hat and I still wear my jeans
My shades are chromo my guitar is steal
If you think I won't then believe me I will
Get down on you baby because I ain't no rookie
I was put here to party and I was born to boogie


E A E A E F# G#
A A# B A# A G E

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