Hank Williams Jr. - Between Heaven And Hell Guitar Chords

Hank Williams Jr.

contemporary country, country, country road, country rock

Chords: G, D, A
Capo 3 (Key of F)

                   G                    D
Well I’ve seen the devil. I’ve seen the light
               D                            A
And I know the difference between wrong and right
                    G                       D     G
But there still are times when it’s hard to tell
                 D        A              D
If I’m going the wrong way, to heaven or hell

Cause I’ve been a sinner and I’ve been a saint
There’s a few things I ain’t done and a few things I can’t
           D                                  G
I was this close to heaven when I slipped and fell
          D                             A           G     D 
Between a rock and a hard place, between Heaven and Hell

Cause I have been lost and I have been found
I’ve been a square and I’ve been around
I’m down on my knees at the heartbreak hotel
Begging for direction between heaven and hell 


Lord I’m down on my knees at some old hotel
Asking for direction to heaven or hell

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