Hank Thompson - Breaking In Another Heart Guitar Chords

Hank Thompson

country gospel, cowboy western, nashville sound, outlaw country

Chords: C, D7, F, G7
Written by Billy Gray, B. Auge, Hank Thompson

C                                   D7
You?re breaking in another heart to take the place of mine
    F              C              D7           G7
The kind of love I gave to you is very hard to find
       C                            D7
You?re breaking in another heart to try to take my place
    F             C           F    G7     C
But have I left a memory that time cannot erase

G7                              C
Can you find another one who?ll love you like I do
G7                         D7                      G7
One who thinks you?re everything his world is only you
C                                   D7
Now that you have made the change I don?t think you will find
    F                  C                F     G7      C
The heart that you are breaking in will be as true as mine

G7                                C
When you made him love you so and taught him what to be
G7                         D7                     G7
I wonder when you kiss his lips will you think of me
C                                D7
It?s hard to start my life again but what else can I do
       F           C                 F           G7      C
You?re breaking in another heart but mine you?ve broke into

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