Hank Thompson - A Fooler A Faker Guitar Chords

Hank Thompson

country gospel, cowboy western, nashville sound, outlaw country

Chords: G, C, D7, A7
G                         C           G
You're a fooler a faker a little heartbreaker

The slightest gal that I've ever known

G                    C              G
Abuser a chooser but now you're the loser

      C                     D7              G
Cause the heart that you've broken was your own

  C                                     G
I knew someday you'd meet someone who'd put you in your place

    A7                              D7
You started way out in the lead but finally lost the race

G                     C                  G
Your dream is a drama you used to be hot mama

  C                   D7                G
I see your plans have backfired in your face

                          C           G
You're a fooler a faker a little heartbreaker

I realize the things are getting rough

G                                C           G
You're a tricker a tracker and a little home-wrecker

       C                     D7          G
You've been dealing from the bottom long enough

    C                                G
You seem to take a great delight and making teardrops fall

  A7                                   D7
Until the picture you hung high came a tumbling from the wall

G                              C               G
You scanner you're schemer you little lovesick dreamer

  C                  D7             G
I knew someday you'd get your motor stalled

           D7       G         D7          G
Don't be a fooler a faker you little heartbreaker

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