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Fredrika Stahl


Swedish-born jazz and pop vocalist Fredrika Stahl's career got going when she met producer Geef, which led to a meeting with pianist Tom McClung, who then formed a band around her and helped land her a major-label deal with the French arm of BMG, Vogue Records. Born in Stockholm on October 24, 1984, Stahl spent the majority of her preteen years in France, before returning to Sweden to finish schooling. Upon her graduation, Stahl found her way back to France, and met the people who would help make her a well-known name. Her debut album, A Fraction of You, was unveiled in the summer of 2006, and she followed the release with a number of performances, sharing stages with such artists as Erick Poirier, Ichiro Onoe, and Manuel Marches. Stahl released her second album, Tributaries, in 2008 on the Jive label. ~ Chris True, Rovi
Genres: swedish jazz

Guitar Chords:

Altered Lens
One Man Show
The World To Come
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star