Forest Sun Guitar Chords

Forest Sun


Seven years. They say that's how long it takes for every cell in your body to change. It's been seven years since I made my last full album. It is time now. It takes a lot to make a record. To listen to the soft calls of songs waiting to be born. To trust my own hands and voice to do them justice. To breath life into stories and melodies. To feel the rhythm. To hear the harmony.

I am excited and a little frightened to share these songs with you. I feel proud and vulnerable at the same time.

You surprised me with your love and generosity for my last project putting out Vinyl. It feels good to see people hold that record in their hands now. To know they get to have that moment of watching it spin and putting the needle down. So thank you for that. And it isn't easy for me to ask you to support another record. There is a lot of places we can put our money to do some good in the world. I do think the world needs good music now more than ever. I know I do. Music has been my best and closest friend. Music is always there for me. Through some of the hardest times of my life, and some of the most joyful. It means a lot to me to be able to share that with you.

Guitar Chords:

Change My Tune
Loves Last Arrow
No Regrets
No Regrets (ver. 2)
Twenty Toes In The Sand
Walk Through Walls