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Born in Bogota, Colombia, Fonseca chose music at an early age, studying music formally at institutions such as Javeriana University in Bogota and Berklee College of Music in Boston. Fonseca's self-titled debut gained him considerable attention in Colombia. His second album released Corazón (2005) explored the crossroads where pop/rock influences meet the vallenato, bullerengue, and tambora. Gratitud followed in 2008, with Ilusión arriving in 2011.
Fonseca recorded Sinfónico in concert with Orquesta Sinfónica Nacional de Colombia in 2013. Released a year later. In early 2015, Fonseca was awarded La Musa Premio Triunfador by the Latin Songwriters Hall of Fame, and in May received the first-ever Contemporary Icon Award at the SESAC Latina Music Awards. In the fall, he released the album Conexión. this album included collaborations with recognized artists like Juanes and Victor Manuelle.
In 2017 Fonseca launched “Fundación Gratitud” an important project that seeks to rescue and ensure the protection of cultural traditions.
Fonseca recently received “La Orden de Boyacá en grado Oficial”, the most important recognition given by the Colombian government as part of his work as a promoter of reconciliation and peace.
Fonseca has released so far 5 singles of his upcoming album which in a short time have already become a great success.
Through his musical career Fonseca has been awarded with five Latin Grammy and also has been nominated in two opportunities to the Grammy Awards.
Genres: colombian pop, cumbia, latin, latin pop, tropical

Guitar Chords:

Alma De Hierro
Alma De Hierro (ver. 2)
Alma De Hierro (ver. 3)
Alma De Hierro (ver. 4)
Ay Amor
Baila Esta Última
Baila Esta Última (ver. 2)
Como Me Mira
Como Me Mira (ver. 2)
Confiesame (ver. 2)
Confiesame (ver. 3)
Confiesame (ver. 4)
Con Un Beso
Con Un Beso (ver. 2)
Con Un Beso (ver. 3)
Con Un Beso (ver. 4)
Desde Que No Estás
Desde Que No Estás (ver. 2)
El Arroyito
Enrédame (ver. 2)
Enrédame (ver. 3)
Enrédame (ver. 4)
Entre Mi Vida Y La Tuya
Eres Mi Sueño
Eres Mi Sueño (ver. 2)
Eres Mi Sueño (ver. 3)
Eres Mi Sueño (ver. 4)
Estar Lejos
Estar Lejos (ver. 2)
Estar Lejos (ver. 3)
Estar Lejos (ver. 4)
Gratitud (ver. 2)
Hace Tiempo
Hace Tiempo (ver. 2)
Hace Tiempo (ver. 3)
Hace Tiempo (ver. 4)
Idilio (ver. 2)
La Casa
La Casa (ver. 2)
Lagartija Azul
Lagartija Azul (ver. 2)
Lina (ver. 2)
Magangue (ver. 2)
Melancolia Del Ayer
Melancolia Del Ayer (ver. 2)
Melancolia Del Ayer (ver. 3)
Melancolia Del Ayer (ver. 4)
Noche De Carnaval
Noche De Carnaval (ver. 2)
No Sé Si Es Mejor
No Sé Si Es Mejor (ver. 2)
Paraiso (ver. 2)
Paraiso (ver. 3)
Paraiso (ver. 4)
Perdón (ver. 2)
Perdón (ver. 3)
Perdón (ver. 4)
Pobre Corazón
Pobre Corazón (ver. 2)
Prometo (ver. 2)
Prometo (ver. 3)
Prometo (ver. 4)
Quiero Saber
Quiero Saber (ver. 2)
Sabré Olvidar
Sabré Olvidar (ver. 2)
Sigo Aquí Cantando
Sigo Aquí Cantando (ver. 2)
Si Te Acuerdas De Mí
Si Te Acuerdas De Mí (ver. 2)
Si Te Acuerdas De Mí (ver. 3)
Si Te Acuerdas De Mí (ver. 4)
Sueño (ver. 2)
Te Mando Flores
Te Mando Flores (ver. 2)
Vine A Buscarte