Five Finger Death Punch Guitar Chords

Five Finger Death Punch


Confidently leading heavy music in the 21st century, Five Finger Death Punch continue to make the impossible a reality at every turn. Since their emergence in 2007, the hard rock band has achieved six consecutive RIAA Gold-certified albums, three of which have gone Platinum since, as well as a platinum single culminating in their 2015 #1 album Got Your Six, while at the same time being one of the top rock streaming acts with over 2 billion global streams to date. In 2016, the band also received the prestigious “Soldier Appreciation Award” from The Association of The United States Army. 5fdp frequently play all major festivals from Download to Rock Am Ring to Rock on the Range and sell out arenas around the globe to countless screaming “Knuckleheads.” Their 2017 Greatest Hits album A Decade Of Destruction boasts two new singles, amongst them “Gone Away”, a cover of the 1997 song by The Offspring. 5fdp’s forthcoming seventh album anticipated to be released in Spring 2018 will undoubtedly raise the bar again.
Genres: alternative metal, groove metal, nu metal, post-grunge

Guitar Chords:

Bad Company
Bad Company (ver. 2)
Bad Company (ver. 3)
Bad Company (ver. 4)
Bad Seed
Battle Born
Bleeding (ver. 2)
Blue On Black
Blue On Black (ver. 2)
Coming Down
Coming Down (ver. 2)
Coming Down (ver. 3)
Digging My Own Grave
Far From Home
Far From Home (ver. 2)
Far From Home (ver. 3)
Far From Home (ver. 4)
Far From Home (ver. 5)
Gone Away
Gone Away (ver. 2)
Hard To See
House Of The Rising Sun
I Apologize
I Refuse
I Refuse (ver. 2)
Mine End This Way
Remember Everything
Remember Everything (ver. 2)
Save Your Breath
Sham Pain
Stuck In My Ways
The Bleeding
The Bleeding (ver. 2)
The Tragic Truth
The Tragic Truth (ver. 2)
Walk Away
Wash It All Away
Weight Beneath My Sin
When The Seasons Change
When The Seasons Change (ver. 2)
When The Seasons Change (ver. 3)
Wicked Ways
Will The Sun Ever Rise
Wrong Side Of Heaven
Wrong Side Of Heaven (ver. 2)