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Fariborz Lachini


Fariborz Lachini has been creating music for more than four decades. While in his twenties, Lachini had already achieved success in the world of pop music, writing for some of Persian pop icons as well as music for children. After the revolution, Lachini moved to France to study music and computers.

Living in Europe added a European flavor to Lachini’s music and influenced his style to a distinctive fusion of contemporary Persian and European styles. He also mastered the technology to create exotic sampled Middle Eastern instruments, immediately putting him in a unique position when he entered the world of film music back in his home country. Variety wrote about Snake's Fang (1991) music: "...The exceptional music is a computerized version of traditional southern Iranian percussion. Soundtrack sets the pace and signals both danger and action throughout the film." From early nineties to date, he created music for more than a hundred motion picture projects. Variety wrote about his music for Iraq’s choice for Oscars 2006, Requiem of Snow: "...with Fariborz Lachini's mournful acoustic music leaving a haunting aural residue in pic's wake."

In late eighties, Lachini released his first solo piano album, Golden Autumn. Since then he has released numerous original and cover solo piano albums accompanied by sheet music and in doing so he contributed to Iran's music education. Today, his website, lachini.com, is considered the original source for educational music content in Iran.
Genres: neoclassical, new age, new age piano

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