Fall of Humanity Guitar Chords

Fall of Humanity


When you look at the word humanity, it's easy to quickly associate it with the entirety of the human race. We often forget though that it also relates to what it means to be human. Characteristics that set us apart from animals. More specifically, the qualities and the conditions that are best in mankind. For years, science fiction has thrived on the idea of lost humanity. Maybe an alien race that invades our world from the cosmos or another dimension. Perhaps sentient beings born of our own hands through technological discovery. Or possibly a natural or even a man-made disaster that threatens our outright existence. But what if were none of these things? What if it didn't even require something as fatal or calamitous?

The world we live in today is vastly different than the one our parents grew up in. Despite the fact that technology has enabled us to connect and communicate to the world as a whole, we have somehow grown more distant and more cold. We prefer the company of our computers and phones to those of our friends and neighbors. More than ever, we point out our differences and put up barriers. Voice our opinions on a pedestal with unwavering narrow-mindedness and scorn others for their beliefs. Egotism and entitlement are replacing community and achievement. Suspicious glances have replaced everyday kindnesses. Money and status are worshiped more than any divinity.
Genres: metalcore

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Youre Crashing But Youre