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Ed Sheeran


Ed Sheeran may be the quintessential pop star of the 2010s: a singer/songwriter who seems to acknowledge no boundaries between styles or eras, creating a sound that's idiosyncratic and personal. Sheeran borrows from any style that crosses his path -- elements of folk, hip-hop, pop, dance, soul, and rock can be heard in his big hits "The A Team," "Sing," "Thinking Out Loud," and "Shape of You" -- which gives him a broad appeal among different demographics, helping to elevate him to international stardom not long after the release of his 2011 debut, +.

When Ed Sheeran released +, he just had turned 20. He had been playing music since he was a child in Framlingham, Suffolk -- he was born in Halifax, West Yorkshire but his family moved when he was young -- enthralled by the classic rock he heard around the house. Sheeran started writing music in his early teens, recording a self-made album called Spinning Man when he was 13 in 2004. In addition to making music at home -- he put out an EP titled The Orange Room in 2005 -- he'd busk on the streets and play whatever stage he could find. When he was 16, he dropped out of school and moved to London so he could make a go of a professional career, landing work as a guitar tech for Nizlopi, gigging whenever he could, and auditioning unsuccessfully for the ITV series Britannia High. The self-released EP You Need Me arrived in 2009 -- it followed 2006's eponymous EP and 2007's Want Some? -- but his momentum started to build in 2010 thanks to the EPs Loose Change and Songs I Wrote with Amy and, especially, performance videos he posted to YouTube. Sheeran started to generate considerable buzz -- Jamie Foxx invited him to appear on his Sirius/XM radio show -- and he landed a deal with Asylum Records in late 2010. After a final independent EP, No. 5 Collaborations, arrived in January 2011, he signed a contract with Elton John's management team.

All of this laid the groundwork for a busy 2011. Sheeran entered the studio with Jake Gosling to record his major-label debut. Its first single, "The A Team," arrived in June 2011, entering the charts at number three. August brought "You Need Me, I Don't Need You," setting the stage for the September release of +. Assisted by the success of November's single "Lego House," the record became a huge hit in the U.K., a fact underscored by his win of British Breakthrough in the 2012 Brit Awards. Sheeran's success soon spread to Australia, Europe, Canada, and then the United States. He received a boost in the U.S. by opening for Snow Patrol in 2012, but that paled in comparison to the exposure he received opening for Taylor Swift on her Red tour in 2013. His endorsement from Swift, combined with his landing of the closing credits song "I See Fire" for The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, set Sheeran up for an eventful 2014.

Along with reuniting with Jake Gosling, Sheeran worked with Rick Rubin and Pharrell for X, the sophomore set that arrived in June 2014. X debuted at number one on both sides of the Atlantic and generated the huge hits "Thinking Out Loud" and "Sing," success that helped Sheeran secure a win for Album of the Year in the 2015 Brit Awards, along with the trophy for Best Male Solo Artist. His success wasn't limited to Britain. X was the second biggest-selling album in the world in 2015, coming in behind Adele's 25, and "Thinking Out Loud" took home the Grammys for Song of the Year and Best Pop Solo Performance in 2016.

Sheeran spent the majority of 2016 recuperating and recording his third album with executive producer Benny Blanco. Early in 2017, he released two singles, "Castle on the Hill" and "Shape of You," with the latter reaching number one on the charts throughout the world. Their parent album, ÷, appeared in March. ÷ topped the pop charts in over 20 territories, including the U.K. and U.S., and it generated another international hit in "Galway Girl." Ed Sheeran's massive popularity was confirmed in June 2017, when he was awarded an MBE on the occasion of the Queen's Birthday Honours. ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine, Rovi
Genres: pop

Guitar Chords:

Addicted (ver. 2)
Afire Love
Afire Love (ver. 2)
Afire Love (ver. 3)
Afire Love (ver. 4)
Afire Love (ver. 5)
Afire Love (ver. 6)
Afire Love (ver. 7)
Afire Love (ver. 8)
Ag Smaoineamh Ós Ard
All My Life
All Of The Stars
All Of The Stars (ver. 2)
All Of The Stars (ver. 3)
All Of The Stars (ver. 4)
Autumn Leaves
Autumn Leaves (ver. 2)
Baby One More Time
Barcelona (ver. 2)
Barcelona (ver. 3)
Be Like You
Be Like You (ver. 2)
Be My Husband
Be My Husband (ver. 2)
Bibia Be Ye Ye
Bibia Be Ye Ye (ver. 2)
Bibia Be Ye Ye (ver. 3)
Blind Faith
Bloodstream (ver. 2)
Bloodstream (ver. 3)
Bloodstream (ver. 4)
Bloodstream (ver. 5)
Candle In The Wind
Castle On The Hill
Castle On The Hill (ver. 2)
Castle On The Hill (ver. 3)
Chasing Cars
Chasing Cars (ver. 2)
Cold Coffee
Cold Coffee (ver. 2)
Diary (ver. 2)
Dive (ver. 2)
Dive (ver. 3)
Dive (ver. 4)
Dont (ver. 2)
Dont (ver. 3)
Dont (ver. 4)
Dont (ver. 5)
Dont (ver. 6)
Dont Loyal No Diggity Nina
Dont Loyal No Diggity The Next Episode Nina
Downtown Apartment
Drunk (ver. 2)
Drunk (ver. 3)
Drunk (ver. 4)
Drunk In Love
Empire State Of Mind
English Rose
English Rose (ver. 2)
Eraser (ver. 2)
Eraser (ver. 3)
Even My Dad Does Sometimes
Even My Dad Does Sometimes (ver. 2)
Everything You Are
Fairytale Of New York
Fairytale Of New York (ver. 2)
Fairytale Of New York (ver. 3)
Fall (ver. 2)
Fall Down
Feeling Good
Fire Alarms
Fire Alarms (ver. 2)
Follow Fashion Acoustic
Friends (ver. 2)
Friends (ver. 3)
Fulham Broadway
Galway Girl
Galway Girl (ver. 2)
Galway Girl (ver. 3)
Give Me Love
Give Me Love (ver. 2)
Give Me Love (ver. 3)
Give Me Love (ver. 4)
Give Me Love (ver. 5)
Give Me Love (ver. 6)
Give Me Love (ver. 7)
Give Me Love (ver. 8)
Give Me Love (ver. 9)
Gold Rush
Gold Rush (ver. 2)
Gold Rush (ver. 3)
Grade Eight
Grade Eight (ver. 2)
Grow Back
Guiding Light
Hands Of Gold
Happier (ver. 2)
Happier (ver. 3)
Hearts Dont Break Around Here
Hearts Dont Break Around Here (ver. 2)
Hold On
Homeless (ver. 2)
Homeless (ver. 3)
How Would You Feel
How Would You Feel (ver. 2)
How Would You Feel (ver. 3)
How Would You Feel (ver. 4)
How Would You Feel (ver. 5)
How Would You Feel (ver. 6)
How Would You Feel (ver. 7)
How Would You Feel (ver. 8)
How Would You Feel (ver. 9)
How Would You Feel (ver. 10)
How Would You Feel (ver. 11)
How Would You Feel (ver. 12)
Hush Little Baby
Hush Little Baby (ver. 2)
Im A Mess
Im A Mess (ver. 2)
Im A Mess (ver. 3)
Im A Mess (ver. 4)
Im A Mess (ver. 5)
Im A Mess (ver. 6)
Im A Mess (ver. 7)
Im A Mess (ver. 8)
Im A Mess (ver. 9)
Im In Love With The Coco
I Miss You
I Never Fell
In Memory
In Memory (ver. 2)
In Memory (ver. 3)
Insomniacs Lullaby
Insomniacs Lullaby (ver. 2)
I See Fire
I See Fire (ver. 2)
I See Fire (ver. 3)
I See Fire (ver. 4)
I See Fire (ver. 5)
I See Fire (ver. 6)
I See Fire (ver. 7)
I See Fire (ver. 8)
I See Fire (ver. 9)
I See Fire (ver. 10)
I See Fire (ver. 11)
I See Fire (ver. 12)
I See Fire (ver. 13)
I Will Take You Home
I Will Take You Home (ver. 2)
I Will Take You Home (ver. 3)
I Will Take You Home (ver. 4)
King Of The Kings
King Of The Kings (ver. 2)
Kiss Me
Kiss Me (ver. 2)
Kiss Me (ver. 3)
Kiss Me (ver. 4)
Kiss Me (ver. 5)
Kiss Me (ver. 6)
Kiss Me (ver. 7)
Kiss Me (ver. 8)
Lately (ver. 2)
Lately (ver. 3)
Lay It All On Me
Lay It All On Me (ver. 2)
Lay It All On Me (ver. 3)
Lay It All On Me (ver. 4)
Lego House
Lego House (ver. 2)
Lego House (ver. 3)
Lego House (ver. 4)
Lego House (ver. 5)
Lego House (ver. 6)
Lego House (ver. 7)
Lego House (ver. 8)
Lego House (ver. 9)
Let It Out
Let It Out (ver. 2)
Little Bird
Little Bird (ver. 2)
Little Bird (ver. 3)
Little Lady
Little Lady (ver. 2)
Little Things
Little Things (ver. 2)
Love Yourself
Love Yourself (ver. 2)
Make It Rain
Make It Rain (ver. 2)
Make It Rain (ver. 3)
Make It Rain (ver. 4)
Make It Rain (ver. 5)
Make It Rain (ver. 6)
Make You Feel My Love
Masters Of War
Masters Of War (ver. 2)
Masters Of War (ver. 3)
Masters Of War (ver. 4)
Masters Of War (ver. 5)
Miss You
Miss You (ver. 2)
Miss You (ver. 3)
Miss You (ver. 4)
Miss You (ver. 5)
Moody Ballad Of Ed
Nancy Mulligan
Nandos Skank
New Man
New Man (ver. 2)
New Man (ver. 3)
New Man (ver. 4)
New York
New York (ver. 2)
New York (ver. 3)
New York (ver. 4)
Nina (ver. 2)
No Diggity Thrift Shop
No Diggity Thrift Shop (ver. 2)
No Diggity Thrift Shop (ver. 3)
No Diggity Thrift Shop (ver. 4)
No Diggity Thrift Shop (ver. 5)
No Diggity Thrift Shop (ver. 6)
No Name
One (ver. 2)
One (ver. 3)
One (ver. 4)
One (ver. 5)
One (ver. 6)
One Dance
One Night
One Night (ver. 2)
One Night (ver. 3)
One Night (ver. 4)
One Photograph Mash Up
Open Your Ears
People Get Ready
Perfect (ver. 2)
Perfect (ver. 3)
Perfect (ver. 4)
Perfect (ver. 5)
Perfect (ver. 6)
Perfect Duet
Perfect Duet (ver. 2)
Perfect Duet (ver. 3)
Perfect Symphony
Photograph (ver. 2)
Photograph (ver. 3)
Photograph (ver. 4)
Photograph (ver. 5)
Photograph (ver. 6)
Photograph (ver. 7)
Photograph (ver. 8)
Photograph (ver. 9)
Photograph (ver. 10)
Photograph (ver. 11)
Photograph (ver. 12)
Photograph (ver. 13)
Photograph (ver. 14)
Plus Medley
Plus Medley (ver. 2)
Quiet Ballad Of Ed
Runaway (ver. 2)
Runaway (ver. 3)
Runaway (ver. 4)
Save Myself
Save Myself (ver. 2)
Save Myself (ver. 3)
Save Myself (ver. 4)
Shape Of You
Shape Of You (ver. 2)
Shape Of You (ver. 3)
Shape Of You (ver. 4)
Shape Of You (ver. 5)
Shape Of You (ver. 6)
Shape Of You (ver. 7)
Shape Of You (ver. 8)
Shape Of You (ver. 9)
She (ver. 2)
She (ver. 3)
She (ver. 4)
She (ver. 5)
She (ver. 6)
Shirtsleeves (ver. 2)
Sing (ver. 2)
Sing (ver. 3)
Sing (ver. 4)
Sing (ver. 5)
Skinny Love
Skinny Love (ver. 2)
Skinny Love (ver. 3)
Sleeping Pills
Small Bump
Small Bump (ver. 2)
Small Bump (ver. 3)
Smile (ver. 2)
Sofa (ver. 2)
Sofa (ver. 3)
Sofa (ver. 4)
Someone Like You
Stay With Me
Sunburn (ver. 2)
Sunburn (ver. 3)
Supermarket Flowers
Supermarket Flowers (ver. 2)
Supermarket Flowers (ver. 3)
Supermarket Flowers (ver. 4)
Supermarket Flowers (ver. 5)
Sweet Mary Jane
Sweet Mary Jane (ver. 2)
Swim Good
Take It Back
Take It Back (ver. 2)
Take It Back (ver. 3)
Take It Back (ver. 4)
Take Me To Church
Tenerife Sea
Tenerife Sea (ver. 2)
Tenerife Sea (ver. 3)
Tenerife Sea (ver. 4)
Tenerife Sea (ver. 5)
Tenerife Sea (ver. 6)
Tenerife Sea (ver. 7)
Tenerife Sea (ver. 8)
The A Team
The A Team (ver. 2)
The A Team (ver. 3)
The A Team (ver. 4)
The A Team (ver. 5)
The A Team (ver. 6)
The A Team (ver. 7)
The A Team (ver. 8)
The A Team (ver. 9)
The A Team (ver. 10)
The A Team (ver. 11)
The A Team (ver. 12)
The City
The Man
The Man (ver. 2)
The Man (ver. 3)
The Parting Glass
The Parting Glass (ver. 2)
The Parting Glass (ver. 3)
The Parting Glass (ver. 4)
The Parting Glass (ver. 5)
The Sea
The Sea (ver. 2)
These Dreams
These Dreams (ver. 2)
Thinking Out Loud
Thinking Out Loud (ver. 2)
Thinking Out Loud (ver. 3)
Thinking Out Loud (ver. 4)
Thinking Out Loud (ver. 5)
Thinking Out Loud (ver. 6)
Thinking Out Loud (ver. 7)
Thinking Out Loud (ver. 8)
Thinking Out Loud (ver. 9)
Thinking Out Loud (ver. 10)
Thinking Out Loud (ver. 11)
Thinking Out Loud (ver. 12)
Thinking Out Loudtenerife Sea Medley
This (ver. 2)
This (ver. 3)
Top Floor
Touch And Go
Touch And Go (ver. 2)
Trap Queen
Trap Queen (ver. 2)
Uni (ver. 2)
Uni (ver. 3)
Uni (ver. 4)
Wake Me Up
Wake Me Up (ver. 2)
Wake Me Up (ver. 3)
Wake Me Up (ver. 4)
Wasnt Expecting That
Wayfaring Stranger
Wayfaring Stranger (ver. 2)
Wayfaring Stranger (ver. 3)
Wayfaring Stranger (ver. 4)
Wayfaring Stranger (ver. 5)
Way Home
Way Home (ver. 2)
We Are
We Are (ver. 2)
We Found Love
What Do I Know
What Do I Know (ver. 2)
What Do I Know (ver. 3)
What Do I Know (ver. 4)
Where We Land
Where We Land (ver. 2)
Where We Land (ver. 3)
Who You Are
Who You Are (ver. 2)
Wild Mountain Thyme
Wild Mountain Thyme (ver. 2)
Wish You Were Here
Wonderwall (ver. 2)
Yellow Pages
You Break Me
You Break Me (ver. 2)
You Need Me I Dont Need You
You Need Me I Dont Need You (ver. 2)
You Need Me I Dont Need You (ver. 3)
You Need Me I Dont Need You (ver. 4)
You Need Me I Dont Need You (ver. 5)
You Need To Cut Your Hair
You Need To Cut Your Hair (ver. 2)