Dylan Matthew Guitar Chords

Dylan Matthew


Dylan Matthew is a full-time producer, engineer, and singer/songwriter, in the Pop/R&B/Soul genre, from Southern California.

From an early age, Dylan was always very passionate about music. From singing as soon as he could speak to learning piano at age 4, Dylan’s life has been dedicated to music.

In late 2015, Dylan decided to start pursuing music as his career and has never looked back. With this decision, he built a professional studio in his apartment and uploaded a few songs to SoundCloud. Through a few uploads, Dylan was able to kick-start a local fan-base. In 2016, Dylan released his first EP, Over You, which received rave reviews from his fans.

Over the past two years Dylan has released 15 singles and 3 EP's, and has worked with artists such as Slander, Kayzo, and Prismo.

Dylan writes and engineers all of his songs and does a lot of his own production work. Through this he has been consistently a top-artist to watch among the industry.

Guitar Chords: