Dylan LeBlanc - Tuesday Night Rain Guitar Chords

Dylan LeBlanc

new americana

Song versions: 1 2
Chords: A, E, F#m7, Abm7, C#m, B
Dylan is a close personal friend of mine and I've played this songs with him 
several times. This is about as simple as i can make it, but it's 100% right as 
far as the basic cords and structure go.

Verse 1:
Well you left in a hurry 
For that train in Montgomery
A                                     E
Left me here with a whole lot of nothing
But i ain`t to worried
Cause you left me with some more


         E   F#m7 Abm7   A
On that tues-day  night rain,
A     Abm7 F#m7    C#m   B     A    
wednesday  morning stooooooooorm

E  A(with open B string) E

Verse 2:

And I watched as you ran kind of wildly
And you knew i was feeling a little poor
But I told you to take as much as you could carry


On that tuesday night rain,
wednesday morning storm

Hold and strum that E cord until "liquor"

             B                           A
And all the liquor in the world couldn`t save me
         B                            C#m
From the pain that you left at the door

On that tuesday night rain,
Wednesday morning storm

Verse 3:
         A                                 E
Well the doctor said you ain`t really sick boy
          A                      E
But it`s something that I can`t replace
               A                                 E
And you should go, cause I ain`t got nothing to offer to you
That your tears can`t restrain
So be prepared for some more

Chorus 2X:
On that tuesday night rain,
wednesday morning storm 

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