Dylan LeBlanc - Emma Hartley Guitar Chords

Dylan LeBlanc

new americana

Chords: Am, C, G, Dm, F, Em, D, B
Intro explained at bottom of page.

Walking through the streets
Waiting for a call
      G       Dm                Am   C
It's 10th and 24th and I'm in luck
Luck is what I need
When I shake his hands
G                Dm                Am          C
I go back to the house and fix it up

F            C           F          C
And I'm happy now, I can breathe again
Dm                  F                     C
I can toss away my demons and lighten up
F               C          F           C
And I close my eyes, and I see her face
Dm                      F                        C
And we walk along that beach I've been dreaming of

F                        Am
Emma Hartley, I can feel your touch
F                        Am
Emma Hartley, don't you leave
Emma Hartley, I can't get enough
F                                              Am C G
Emma Hartley, stay I plead

Am C Am C G Em

You walk in that door
Say you're looking for
      G        Dm           Am   C
The things we never got to say
You say there's a problem here
I'm staring at you, dear
              G             Dm                 Am               C
You've been sitting there running off those trains

F                 C       F                C
And are you happy now, can you breathe again?
Dm               F                           C
Did you toss away your demons and lighten up?
F               C          F                C
Did you close your eyes, did you see my face?
Dm              F                           C
Did you walk along that beach you've been dreaming of?

F                        Am
Emma Hartley, I can feel your touch
F                        Am
Emma Hartley, don't you leave
Emma Hartley, I can't get enough
F                                              Am G
Emma Hartley, stay I plead

Am C Am C D Em

intro explained:
In order to get comfortable, do an Am.  
Once you have put that fingering down, 
move your middle finger to replace the ring finger 
so that your string changes but the fret stays the same.
Now it should look like this:


Strings picked:
High E

(D and A can be played around with a bit once you get more used to the song)

**It is hard to explain the rhythm and all without it only making sense to me.  
The D and the E and B are NOT picked together.  
The D starts out and the E and B are partners... if that makes any sense.  
The base string is separate and not on the same beat.

Once you have the setup for the intro, the picking goes like this: 
Hammer on the D string 2nd fret then play that 2nd fret again (hammer on 2nd -- 2nd again.  
High E and B are played together once before the riffish thing starts.  
Keep fingers in same intro position.


Your fingers are still in the intro position.  
We are now using the pinky and ring finger along high E.  
You will keep the picking the strings mentioned before in the setup mentioned before, 
but you will add the pinky.  Pinky first goes on the 3rd fret high E, ring finger 
2nd fret High E, open high E, bring pinky up to B.  Remember, you should still have 
the 1st fret covered by pointer finger.  Pinky now goes onto the 3rd fret of B, 
then play the 1st fret with pointer which is already covered, then lift pointer and play open B.

To get an idea of the rhythm etc of Dylan’s song: 

Like I mentioned before, you can always add more bass strings once you get used to it.

I probably made no sense to the majority of you guys, 
but hopefully someone out there gets its. :)

*Please note this is something I have created.  
It may not be completely right, but it seems pretty close to me.  
Therefore, I would greatly appreciate it if you wouldn't completely kill me if I'm wrong.

Good luck and enjoy!
Grace x

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