Duran Duran - Too Bad Youre So Beautiful Guitar Chords

Duran Duran

dance rock, new romantic, new wave, new wave pop

Chords: D, E, Bm, A, G, B, F#
Too Bad You’re So Beautiful
From the album All You Need is Now by Duran Duran

(single notes) 
Intro:  Alternate D D-D D / D D-D D /  E E-E E / E E-E E

D            Bm
Here I go again
            D              Bm
I must have flowers in my brain
           D             Bm
The same mistake I made before
         A                G
But I'm a hostage to that face of yours


B    B-B      A    B
Lay me on your bed
B-B      A    B   B- B  A    B
I watch you smoke my cigarette
B-B    A    B       B-B   A  B
I wish you knew what's in my head
B-B     A    B     B-B   A   B
I could be more than just a friend


G                E             B    F#
Too bad you're so beautiful and so complicated
G            E              B       F#
I may be a deluded fool but still fascinated
G                 E              B     F#
Too bad you're so beautiful when I'm king of nothing
G              E
This can only go one way

B  B-BA  /   B  B-B - A

D                       Bm
Ice queen on top of the mountain
            D                        Bm
Give me the freeze, minus twenty and counting
          D                Bm
My lunar dreams, how do I stop them?
                    A                 G
But it's not your problem, when you're above it all

B    B-B    A   B
Lay me on your bed
BB   A   B      B -  B  A  B
I want to stroke your sleepy head
B- B    A   B  BBA B
I wish that I was you instead
BB  A  B     BB    A   B
of being just your weekday friend


B  B-BA  /   B  B-B - A


BmAE / BmA - E

Bm              A            E
King of nowhere speaks another line
Bm           A            E
In the low light I'm here to entertain
Bm                 A
When it starts to rain
I'm a lucky man...


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