Duran Duran - Thank You Guitar Chords

Duran Duran

dance rock, new romantic, new wave, new wave pop

Chords: D, Dsus4, Dm, Cadd9, G, Bm, E, A
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Date: Fri, 09 Jan 1998 11:04:45 -0700
From: Robert Barr 
Subject: CRD: Thank You by Duran Duran

"Thank You"
Performed by Duran Duran 
Written by Robert Plant and Jimmy Page
Album: Thank You, also on With Honors Soundtrack

This is an updated version of my original transciption. The only difference
is I have included the tabbed intro from the Album version of "Thank You" 
along with the chord intro from the "With Honors" soundtrack. Electric plays 
tabbed intro and acoustic plays strummed chords. Otherwise the rest is all 
the same as my original posting. Tabbed by Robert, comments to 

D  	xx0232		
Dsus4   xx0233	
Dm      xx0230 (no 3rd)
Cadd9	x32030
G*	320030
G	320033
Bm	224432
E 	022100
A	x02220

(This is the Intro from the "Thank You" album)

[Intro] x2

(Electric Tab)

    ------55-/7-/5-5-|| repeat

(Acoustic Chords, Strummed during Intro, 
 you get to figure out the strumming pattern.)


(This is the Intro from the "With Honors" Soundtrack, just play chords)

[Intro] x2

D Dsus4 D Dm D Dm D Cadd9
Dsus4 D Dm D Dm D G*
Dsus4 D Dm D Dm D D


If the sun refuse to shine
I would still be loving you
and mountains crumble to the sea
			D 	      Bm	
and there will still be you and me

Bm	 	  E	           
kind of woman I give you my all

Bm	        E	    A	
kind of woman nothing more


Cadd9	    	        G
little drops of rain whispered on the pain

tears and love lost in the days gone by

Cadd9	    	      G
our love is strong with you there is no wrong

together we shall go on till we die

la, la, la, la


Bm	       E		     
Inspiration is what you are to me

Bm	      E	  A
Inspiration love to see

[Solo] Play 3 times

D Dsus4 D Dm D Dm D Cadd9	** Remember Dm has no 3rd, xx0230     **
Dsus4 D Dm D Dm D G*		** The electric plays the same chords **
Dsus4 D Dm D Dm D D


and so today my world is mine
your hand in mine we walk the mile
thanks to you, it will be done
		          D   Bm	
you to me are the only one

	     E		      Bm	
happiness is no longer sad

          E   A	
happiness I'm glad


If the sun refuse to shine
I would still be loving you
mountains crumble to the sea
it's to be and me

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